AffiloBlueprint 3.0 Review

Mark Ling is back with the third installment of in the AffiloBlueprint series. Now, if you don’t know about Mark or his products then you have truly missed out. He is one of the more passionate “Guru’s” and always over delivers with his training, and AffiloBlueprint 3.0 is no exception. Luckily I have been able to get access early and review the product, so let’s get into my Affiloblueprint 3.0 Review!

AffiloBlueprint 3 is a all in one, well blueprint for affiliates. It shows the essentials of affiliate marketing in terms of building and ranking profitable sites, but also goes deeper providing further training on things such as backlinks and how to use Google AdWords as an affiliate. When I talk about the further training going deeper, it goes possibly where most other courses do not. I can’t recall purchasing a course which tals about using AdWords as an affiliate (it’s way more strict than it used to be, but it’s still as profitable).

There are 12 modules inside the members area, which include the following -

So all in all, that’s over 85 in depth, high quality training videos which are able to be viewed via members area, or downloaded to your PC. For every module and lesson, there are also a training .pdf provided as well as “homework” to be completed. To see this in further detail, along with a full members area tour showing exactly what you get, watch the review video below:

I really do think Mark has over-delivered here in terms of the training offered. If you have past training with him, you will know how committed he is to your success.

Also included within the price for your Affiloblueprint membership, is the Affiliotheme which is a high converting WordPress theme you can use on your sites. It has been tested and fully optimized for SEO and click-thru rates. It also looks pretty darn good!

AffiloBlueprint 3.0 Review round-up

Who’s it for? – Mark has made it so the course can be used by any marketer, regardless of their level. If your a newbie just getting started, it’s perfect for you as it basically holds your hand through the site creating process and lays everything out in front of you meaning you don’t have to do any additional research. If you are a more advanced marketer, the advanced backlinking methods taught will make this a worth while purchase, as well as the PPC lessons (Google AdWords) since most affiliates don’t know how to efficiently and profitable utilize PPC. The bonuses inside the members area (can be found in my review video above) also make the course a worth while purchase just for the bonuses!

It it easy to use/follow? Yes. I would actually give it a 5 out of 5 (I’ve never given this rating before!) for ease of use. I love the way the members area is structured, and how everything related to that particular module is right before your eyes.

Up-sells - There is only one up-sell offered, which is $97 and features your own proffessional copy of the SEO tool Traffic Travis, as well as access to your very own high quality PLR pack with related articles etc to place on your sites. If you have the money, I recommend you purchase the up-sell just to get access to the Traffic Travis (SEO tool which does things like keyword research, competition research and much more) which costs $97 to buy normally, but you are also getting the PLR thrown in basically free.

Verdict – I really enjoyed the course, and will be implementing some of things I learned such as the PPC lessons into my own business. I’m a veteran in the IM field as you may know, yet I still learned tons of valuable information from the course (bare in mind I do IM full time, so that’s an achievement!). Whether your just getting started, or you;ve been in the industry for years like me, this is definitely a must buy!

The price of this product is $77 using the links on this page. The membership also includes a 1 month free trial of Affilorama Premium. Note that the price will be rising to $197 after the initial launch, so in this case it really does pay to take action.

You can purchase AffiloBlueprint here -> Early Birds Discount Link

I will also be offering a very cool related bonus for this product. Unlike many other marketers who will be offering tons of rehashed PLR junk to make their offer look like it’s providing tons of value, I will be offering a few bonuses which relate to link building and SEO after the latest Penguin bonus. I will also be offering some un-advertized bonuses, which again are SEO related plugins for WordPress. To take advantage of this INSANE bonus package, purchase using any link on this page then forward me your reciept number to admin[@]honestcbreviews[.]com

Advertised Bonus #1 – Top 26 Penguin Safe listbuilding Techniques  Value > $47 – $67

Affiloblueprint 3 Bonus

In this short report, I demonstrate the safest ways to build links after the Penguin update. You don’t want to miss this!

Advertised Bonus # 2 – FREE Website AppraisalValue > $500!

 I will give your website the once over, making sure that it will be a profitable site. Simply email me your desired keywords, or link to your sire once you have created it, and I will offer my criticism on what need to be changed/added, if it will rank etc. This service usually costs upwards of $500 – but I will do it FREE for you.

Advertised Bonus # 3 – SeoPressor (SEO WordPress Plugin) Value $97 (I have an unlimited license meaning I can install on any site/domain I want and will let you install it onto your site)

Time Sensitive Bonus – First 20 people to purchase through the link on this page will get a $20 Amazon OR iTunes gift card (will be sent out after the 60 day refund period)

EVERYONE who purchases will be automatically entered to win a Brand new iPhone 4s 32GB model OR cash equivalent. (Sent after the 60 day refund period)

The rest of my Affiloblueprint 3 bonus package will be unadvertised.

To see a sneak peak at some of the bonuses, visit my bonus page.

Thank you for reading my Affilioblueprint 3 Review, remember the price will rise to $197 7 days from now (after launch) so TAKE ACTION now and get your early birds discount!

Click here to purchase AffiloBlueprint 3.0


  1. Frank DeLagoria says:

    very in-depth review you have written here. I will go and check out this Affiloblueprint 3. Thanks for your efforts.

  2. Bridget says:

    Great review, thanks Josh – I like your style and will be back :)

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