Chronic Profits Review

Chronic Profits does that sound familiar to you? Well if if does, it’s because you’ve probably already heard of this product, as it used to be called Chronic Commissions. Now, for reasons beyond me, for some reason they decided to launch it as Chronic Profits instead of Chronic Commissions 2.0 but hey, what do I know right?

Again, the product is still by the original creators who are – Corey Lewis and Winter Valko. The first time this product launched it netted over one million in sales so these guys know what they are doing. Now, when the product first launched, the product DID convert and do what it said it would, however - the sales page was rather blind, and you didn’t really know what you were getting. Even know the sales page is big on hype, but at least after reading this review, you will know exactly what you will be getting.

What is Chronic Profits? 

Basically it;s built around building an email list. It comes with a ‘software’ that comes with pre-done campaigns in which you simply type in your affiliate id as well as you email list autoresponder code and it builds you a squeeze page with your affiliate link id already embedded. The squeeze page is designed to do two things capture the email adress, and start to convert your leads to buyers. Once your lead enters their email address, they get added to your email list so in the future you can market to them. Secondly, once they are added to your list, it then automatically redirects them to a product, of which if they purchase you will get a commissions.

So, sounds pretty straight forward right? But where do you get the traffic from? Luckily Chronic Profits comes with a list of places to buy solo ads. Now, if you don’t know what a solo ad is, then basically it’s where you pay someone who already has a huge email list, to email for you. You give them the link to your squeeze page, then they email their email list the link and you get opt-ins to your list as well as hopefully a few commissions. This list alone is worth the purchase price.

Now, unfortunately there are some negatives for this product. You WILL need money already to get this set-up. You will need to purchase an auto-responder (Aweber is recommended) as obviously you will be building an email list. You can get a month trial for a $1. Secondly if you DON’T already have an email list, or high traffic blog you WILL need to purchase solo ads, which start off at usually around $50. Bearing in mind that usually, you will get opt-ins and a few commissions BUT you COULD end up paying $50 and seeing NO results.

Obviously times are hard, and in this economy every dollar helps, so before purchasing this product you need to decide whether or not you have at least $60 to get started with. If the answer is NO then you will want to skip this product (however if you see that ‘annoying’ pop-up on my blog, be sure to opt-in as I am giving away a method that made me over $230 in 24 hours!)

With that being said, when done correctly this is highly profitable. I have experience with buying solo ads before, and they have always been good (I have always made a profit). If you have the start-up capital, I recommend you go ahead and purchase this!

Does Chronic Profits have any up-sells? The answer is yes! There are two upsells which are -

  1. 36 fully done for you campaigns – these are highly researched converting products and the cost is $195
  2. Coaching course – This upsells gets your coached by the Chronic team and costs $295

Are the up-sells needed? In short, NO.


I hope you enjoyed this review, and if you do wish to purchase you can do so at the link below -

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  1. John says:

    Hi Josh, hope all is well. I’m an ex construction business owner trying to find a new way of making a living without the aches and pains of a construction business. I have no experience with internet marketing. As with any business I know you must put the time an money to see the success, I have no problem buying Chronic Profits and their up sells if it will produce results. Please help me out with some of your knowledge, I would really appreciate it.

    Kind Regards,


    • Josh says:

      Hey John,

      Check out my Empower Network review, it’s my number 1 recommended product and if can LEGITIMATELY make you some decent income.

      I’m personally using it for just under 6 months, any questions let me know as if you join, you will join my team where we offer additional training and support.

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