Click Cash Commissions Review

*PLEASE NOTE* Since writing this review, a few things have changed meaning I will no longer be recommending this product. Please click here to read a review for a product I back 100% and ACTUALLY works!

So up today we have  a review of perhaps one of the most highly anticipated products of the year, which is of course Click Cash Commissions by Jessica James and Mike Auton.

Now, since it’s one of the most anticipated products of the year, unfortunately we have some very outlandish and over-hyped claims to match. Whilst I always tell people to ignore the sales page as 9 times out of 10 they don’t even show you what your buying anyway, but in this occasion it’s pretty much impossible to ignore the claims made in the sales video.

I will get into my full review in a minute, but I know I’m going to get asked this countless times, so  I may as well clear it up now. The video shows hundreds of thousands of dollars being made over a few days. What I want to make absolutely clear from the get go is, NO you will make probably no where near that amount. I believe the income shown was from their previous launch One Minute Commissions (if not, that income is from some sort of launch they have done in the past and not the method taught inside the members area)

Now that thats out of the way, (phew) we can finally get started with my full Click Cash Commissions Review  and members area tour!

Now, as I always do i’m going to post my review video and full members area tour below. At one point in the video I ‘purposely’ leave a section out (as stated in the video) but don’t worry, I will cover the part I left out below the video, since at the time of recording we were told that we must keep it ‘secret’ but since things have changed and I will reveal all below the video – Watch fullscreen and HD for optimum results.

Ok, so the part I left out was the ‘meat-and-potatoes’. In steps 3 – 4, we learn about the actual system being used and how we can make our ‘very first commission’ of $25. Whilst this sounds great (and it is) it’s not what you think.

Basically, we will be purchasing the product we shall be promoting which is a PC backup tool via our own affiliate link. It will costs us around $24 BUT we will get $25 for the sale, so we will be in profit. For many, this will be your first ever commission online! BUT don’t worry there is a  point to this. To get paid, the threshold is $50 – so us buying via our own affiliate link means we only need to get on more commission to be able to get paid (and be in an overall profit since the Click Cash Commissions course itself costs $49). Two sales will equal $50 putting us $1 in profit! So you WILL get your money back (perhaps for the first time ever after purchasing one of these course, right?)

Once this step has been completed and we have made our first commission, we go on to the training. Now, I do like Mike and Jessica’s products, they provide a solid method but the training really could go further in depth. So like with their last product (One Minute Commissions) I will be providing a very powerful bonus that teaches how to capitalize off the system properly with advanced training (more info at the bottom of the page).

In the training section we are taught viral marketing via FaceBook, Twitter and email (see my review video above for more info) the we are given the more traditional methods of promoting i.e. link building, blog commenting the lot - again see my review video.

As part of your purchase, you do get a pre-done website that you can select the colour either red or blue. You will be using this pre-built site to promote the product (PC back-up) and it has your link already implemented, so you can drive traffic straight to your site and gain sales! (note hosting and domain are needed).

So like I said, a solid method, but basic training. However you should be able to use this system to make a healthy profit. It’s straight forward and easy enough to understand for even the basic of newbies.

“I made over $20,000 in 5 months promoting a similar product!”

Yes, that quote is true. A little under a year ago, I was promoting a similar product to the one inside the members area however instead of it working on both PC and MAC – it was MAC only (had it of been both who knows how much more I could have made!). Anyways, why am I telling you this? Simple. I know what it takes to succeed with this method and I’m going  to show YOU how. Simply purchase Click Cash Commission through ANY link on this page and forward me your receipt number and I will send you my BONUS package showing you how I used to promote a product like this harnessing the power of YouTube (and yes, I will include my own product TubeDestoryer which I know you all LOVE!).

Send your receipt to admin[@] with the title CLICK CASH COMMISSIONS BONUS. Once the message has been received I will send you a link, you will need to input your receipt number and it will check against my records. If it passes you will AUTOMATICALLY be sent the bonus, so no waiting needed!

Note, this actually a REAL bonus with value. I could quite easily sell this as a product by itself, so your really serious about making money, then this is for you! Don’t get caught out by those “$9,997 real world value” bonuses offered by other people, that we all know are just re-hashed PLR content that they bought for $4.95 on sale! Make your decision, a REAL bonus that will add value to your purchase and make you even more cash, or another one of those ‘generic PLR crappy products’ from someone else, I know which one I’d choice..

Click Cash Commissions – Review wrap-up & Conclusion

Price – $49 (launch discount price, so act now to save some extra cash!)

Up-sells? - Two. The first is the ‘VIP Membership’ which costs $197 and gets you some pre-done campaigns and other extras.The second is the ‘Platinum Membership’ which is access to 44 of Jessica’s secret money sources that make fast profits as well as pre-done campaigns. This costs $197. Both up-sells have various down-sells.

Verdict - Very easy to use and understand. Perfect for newbies looking to make their first few commissions online. My bonus (see above) is prefect for advanced users looking to profit from some more advanced strategies for even more commissions.

Recommended? - Yes, see the reasons above for why. Don’t forget, purchase via the link on this page to get access to my bonus pack which shows how I made over $20k in 5 months promoting a similar product, you seriously don’t want to pass this up!

Hope you enjoyed my Click Cash Commissions Review, – Don’t forget to check out my Click Cash Commissions bonus above!


*PLEASE NOTE* Since writing this review, a few things have changed meaning I will no longer be recommending this product. Please click here to read a review for a product I back 100% and ACTUALLY works!

 I have also removed the earnings proof. Please read the above review and check out the product I mention there if your serious about making some online cash!


  1. kfir says:

    Great review as always Josh! Thanks to your recommendation I’ve already seen two sales not counting my own! Great product.

  2. Darren says:

    Hi Josh,
    Is the money you made with the basic program or is it with all the upsells?

  3. Grace says:

    WOW, Josh, I really think you missed the boat on this one! I found it to be a shoddy piece of “gimmee, gimmee, gimmee and try to get others to do the same” Instructions are minimal at best, and the first thing they “teach” you is to get a 10 cents commission, and then try to sell the pc backup porduct to everyone on your email list! I’d be ashamed to have my name associated with this piece of commercial claptrap…

    • Josh says:

      Hey Grace, I’m sorry you feel that way. The reason I recommended this is because its SO easy to make commissions with. The PC product is something most PC owners need so you already have the target market. Dont forget the free website you get given, if you could get that to rank on google like I did a few months back, the commissions will flood in. BUT that being said, its so easy to promote this to your friends using faceBook/Twitter/email because its something that when they see it, they will probably think ‘oh yeah, i could do with something like that’ and then they buy. Ease of use? Very easy. Could the training have been better? Yes of course, no training is perfect but I do touch on this in my actual review, I point it out more than once actually..

  4. maynor says:

    Great Review. it sounds like a great online marketing system. my question is… so with this product i will be selling only one product. i dont have a website, but i do have a free blog, will that work?

    • Josh says:

      Yes, you focus on selling a specific product for PC and Mac which in my opinion sells itself. The course teaches you how to market to family and friends first for some easy commissions, and then shows you how to do the same via webistes (they give you a free website to use) however you will need to get hosting and a domain if you want to use it. If not, there are some other methods in there, and if you don’t want to buy hosting and a domain, you could always use a free blog and try to get that to rank for keywords related to the product and make commissions that way.

  5. Great review, Jessica is SO hot!

  6. Michelle says:

    Saw the video for this and you said it is Newbie friendly with this being said are any of the upsells necessary?
    I need something which is easy to use and newbie friendly when I looked at the sales page there were 3 memberships I liked the advance one that came with 1 on 1 training my only question is that if I were to invest in this do any of the other inside up sells come with that Whats a good member ship to start with for a Newbie Let me know

  7. Darren says:

    Do you use the free website? Have you made anymore commissions with this?
    Thanks Darren

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