Commission Cheat Review

Commission Cheat Review – A Honest Review

So, if you’ve landed on this page, you’ve probably been bombarded with affiliate emails promoting Commission Cheat and your trying to find out a little more about it. If that’s the case, then congratulations. You are what I call a “informed buyer”. I have been granted exclusive insider access to test out and fully review the Commission Cheat system, and below is my full, UN-biased, Honest review.

Commission Cheat – What is is?

A problem which lies within the IM industry is blind sales pages. You get a promotional email regarding anew product launch, you watch the video, read the sales page, yet you still don’t know what your buying. Sounds familiar right?

Well, I was actually SHOCKED to see that the sales pitch provided by Commission Cheat actually shows you what your buying. I’ve been reviewing products for over 2 years now, and let me tell you a secret. If your told what you getting, BEFORE purchasing. Usually it means it’s a SOLID product.

Commission Cheat is a 3-in-1 software which creates “viral money pages”. These pages take advantage of the current trends and places them on your very own mini-site similar to YouTube, the only difference being is that YOU will be the one getting paid, not YouTube. Take a look at the image below:

Commission Cheat ReviewAs you can see, I have highlighted three things. There are Google AdSense ads at the top, a Clickbank advertisement below the video, and a Amazon widget to the side. Each one of these advertisements has your affiliate code embedded into it, meaning if the user clicks on one of them, you get a commission.

Is Commission Cheat just another “push button” software?

No. It’s more than that. Commission Cheat hosts the page for you, meaning you don’t require domain names and hosting. It also tells you what’s currently “trending” so you can be at the very front of it and capitalize. It has it’s own unique algorithm which can predict whats about to go viral before it happens!

Not only does it predict the next big thing, it also grabs targeted visitors from all over the web and directs them to your page!

There are people on YouTube making well over six-figures per year, using this very same technology! For your own reference, feel free to read the below references which backup my claims: >> First YouTube Millionaire

I hope you can now see what the earning potential is with Commission Cheat.

Commission Cheat Review Round-up

  • Price – $47
  • Created by: Sal Haque and Sean Miller
  • Ease of use: Very Easy
  • Recommended: Yes
  • Rating 4.9/5

I really enjoyed this software, and I can see HUGE potential for earnings when used correctly.

Commission Cheat Bonus

As always, my super exclusive bonus package stands with this offer. Since you will be ranking sites, my bonus will go hand-in-hand with this software, as I teach you how to rank on the first page of Google, easily!


To see my full bonus package please click the following link: Commissions Cheat Review Bonus

Commission Cheat Review

NOTE – Since Commission Cheat have moved platform from ClickBank, I will NO longer be recommending their product. Click the link below to be taken to a new review, for a product I HIGHLY recommend/

Click here to purchase Commission Cheat and Claim your Bonus Package!


  1. gregg says:

    You dont know me and I do not know you ,just finished reading your reviews and you strike me as a better breed of marketer than most so I will give it a try, I got nothing to lose that I have not lost already to the shammers,scammers,perpetutating
    their madness of millions aND gazillions
    I might be able to do this
    I can do this

    • Josh says:

      Hello, thank you for your refreshing comment! Don’t forget, as always, my support is offered for anything IM related via email, and if you do chose to purchase, don’t forget to send me your receipt so I can send your copy of the bonus package!

  2. Akmal says:

    Did it comes with any OTO? did you get any results now from this?

    • Josh says:

      It does have up-sells, yes – However they are not required to make this work. One is a list of current trending videos, and one is a software for traffic generation.

  3. TJ says:

    Josh, have you made money out of the software? How realisticaly quick can i make money out of commission cheat, if say, i start tomorrow and iam a new person to this internet marketing; and i follow the instructions and set up within an hour. Your honest take on this please.

    • Josh says:

      I would say it is possible to make money with this but with a slight twist. I would only use Google Adsense, not Clickbank or Amazon. This way you get paid every time someone clicks a advertisement. It won’t be that much usually anywhere from a few cents to a dollar but this way atleast your getting some form of income. Since your new, I would recommend you check out my review of Commission Inferno ( – As I think this will be a better fit for you, and will help you succeed online. As always, any questions just send me a message ;)

  4. James Baldwin says:

    Josh, I really need your insight. Are there any, positively any more fees needed after the commission cheat software is purchased? Your honesty is refreshing, and I would simply appreciate a heads up.

    • Josh says:

      Hi James, There are only fee’s if you choose to purchase any up-sells (not needed in my opinion). Everything is hosted on their servers, and you get a sub-domain for each page free. Hope this helped ;)

  5. Steve says:

    What is the cost of the OTO’s ?

  6. Steve says:

    Josh, I am a little confused as which product to get, between Commission Cheat and
    Commission Inferno.

    I am not a total newbie , just haven’t made the money that I want.

    Which of these 2 courses would you chose for yourself , knowing what you know , and why ?


    • Josh says:

      hey Steve, I would have to recommend Commission Inferno without a doubt. It’s a full blueprint and can actually be run as a actual business. If followed correctly the earning potential is endless.

      Commission Inferno is something which you can set-up and see commission over a long period of time, something which will always be there. Commission Cheat is more of a “quick” buck type method, meaning you may see a commission today, but then you could go days, weeks even months without getting another, in other words it’s un-reliable.

  7. Sunganani says:

    Thank you for this very honest review. I have three questions
    1. Does the member get to choose which products will be shown on the page (i.e. for clickbank and amazon) or it’s all automated??

    2. Do you know if article directories like and company allow linking to these pages in their resource boxes?

    3. Are these upsales always there for purchase or they are one of those you have to buy now or lose it forever things?

    Waiting to hear from you before I buy.


    • Josh says:

      1. Yes you can choose Amazon, Clickbank or Google AdSense or use all three
      2. Im not sure about that, I haven’t tried it but I can’t see why not?
      3. All up-sells can be purchased at a later date with any program, simply contact their support stating you wish to purchase the up-sells ;)

  8. Steve says:

    Hey Josh , Thanks for your quick answer, was looking forward to hearing what your
    assessment was … This definitely helps me make a decision on what to do , since
    I don’t need , as you say , ” unreliable ” results… :)

    • Josh says:

      No problem that’s what im here for ;) If you need anything else just drop a comment or shoot a email via the contact page.

  9. Michael says:

    Hi Josh

    You sound like a straight shooter.
    With Commission Cheat as all other programs you will need skills
    to get traffic to the pages you put up…I imagine its no different with CC,
    is that correct?

    • Josh says:

      Tha’ts correct yes, you will need to drive traffic to your page to see results. They have a traffic generation up-sell with this, and some small training within the members area.

  10. Zsa says:

    Hi Josh,

    How about the traffic to the site? Are there tools provided? Is it effective to use? I have no Google adsense account yet as it is hard to get approved. I only have Amazon and Clickbank. Do you think this will get me quick bucks?thanks

  11. Shara Mae L. Vasquez says:

    I’m a newbie and I don’t know anything about internet marketing. Will commission cheat still generate money without the two upsells? I don’t have any idea how to drive traffic. If I don’t buy the upsells,how will this software generate income? i’m planning to buy these upsells if I’m already generating income from this software coz to date,I don’t have enough funds to pay for the upsells.

  12. Christopher Morris says:

    I have a Mac. will it run on my computer? and how much are the upsells and what are they? Thanks

    • Josh says:

      Hi, the application is all web based so it will work on Macs. There are two up-sells both at $199 one is a traffic exchange generation plugin which directs traffic to your site, and the other is a daily content feed which will constantly find new trending videos to put on your site.

  13. Jessica Carde says:

    I purchased the full package with Commission Cheat. The software is user friendly, but it doesn't bring any traffic, as it claims. I have done everything possible to use all the tutorials and to contact customer service. Unfortunately, customer service has not responded in a number of days. Not cool! Great software, no traffic–even with the plug-in. Doesn't seem to be what it claims.

  14. Gerry Caffey says:

    I purchased almost two weeks ago signed up for adsense and there still reviewing my application, that where you make the money.I'm not buying the upgrades until I get fully approved.

    • Steve Ligon says:

      I applied for adsense and was approved in about 2 hours , all I did was put up a blogger blog , which is owned by google, was approved immediately…it was really just that easy , hardly any content at all.

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