Commission CoverUp Review

It’s that time again…Time for another review! Today I will be posting my full Commission Coverup Review, giving a full members area tour and giving my thoughts on the products as a whole, so let’s begin!

commission coverup review

For once, I actually watched (and enjoyed) the sales video. It reminded me of the “Rich Jerk” product that came out a few years back, but that’s a different story.

So, I went about purchasing my copy of Commission Cover Up so I could see what exactly was being offered in the members area, below are my findings.

Commission CoverUp – What is it?

Two years ago, I set up this very blog you’re reading right now. Up until recently, something was missing though. That “something” was list building and email funnels. Now, building a list is something EVERYONE should be doing yet only a few are doing successfully. Inside the members area, we learn how to build commission funnels and how to capture emails using niche review sites similar to the on your on, right now.

Below I have my FULL review and members area tour. Make sure to watch it all as it explains/shows everything (watch in HD & Fullscreen)

What’s included?

As shown above, there are five steps to complete, each step has relevant modules and training videos. Also included but not demo’d in the video above, we have three pieces of software which are -

  1. Commission Content Bot – Posts relevant content/articles/vidoes to your site based on a keyword
  2. Keyword Tool – Finds you niche related keyword domains
  3. Viral Bot – Lets users share your content and opt-in via FaceBook

As I said on the video, the software is nothing “groundbreaking” however, it’s bundled up ALONGSIDE the training for a small price whereas usually the software is usually sold separately for $49 each, so your saving over $100.

The actual content your paying for is the training.

Training Breakdown

Step 1 – This step is a breakdown of the entire course. You get a welcome video explaining the training, an introduction to affiliate marketing for beginners. We also get their recommended networks to use, ClickBank and the CPA network Offer Vault. Becoming a member of Commission Cover Up gets you access to the Offer Vault network (which is hard to do, so that’s a bonus right there)

Step 2 - Here we learn how to use the software I mentioned above, how to get hosting and how to create a profitable campaign

Step 3 - This module is the traffic generation module. We have 7 different methods to generate traffic, both free and paid. A few modules included are FaceBook, YouTube, Plenty of Fish, PPC/Bidvertiser, Mobile Campaings + more

Step 4 - This is the good stuff. Here we learn how to create email funnels and how to send out email broadcasts to generate cash. The funnels we create are automated. We set-up email broadcasts to be sent out when you desire to your email list. As your list grows using the methods above, more people will enter our funnel and be converted into sales. We can then also use our new list to market other affiliate offers to in the future, sell Solo Ads and do Ad Swaps.

Step 5 - Here we learn how to outsource everything we have learnt above for minimal cost.

Commission Cover Up Review – My Conclusion

Above I’ve given you a pretty in-depth review. I’ve shown you what’s included, now I’ll give you my verdict. Like I touched on above, I’ve only recently started building a list. The methods you learn in the course are pretty much the same methods I’m using right now on this blog, so basically it’s like learning how to do what I do but on a smaller scale. I wish I could have had this information when I got started, as I can only imagine how big my  list would have been!

For the price, it’s a great buy for beginners and advanced marketers who want to learn how to build a profitable list. I highly recommend you check it out using the button below.


  1. Marcus says:

    Another great review Josh. There are a lot of similar products to this one being launched this week. Overall I think this one is a little better than the others because of the in depth training that you showed that they provide. As you know most of these products are not newbie friendly but this one seems to be. I love the fact that they show you how to outsource the work.
    This will ensure even the laziest and non techie of us will not have an excuse to not use the tools and training they provide.

    • Josh says:

      Thanks Marcus!

      Yeah, this is really beginner/newbie friendly and will help a ton of people out.
      Like I said, I wish there was something like this when I was getting started with my blog, who knows how big my list would have been by now!


  2. John says:

    How would you compare this to IM Target?

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