Commission Movement Review

Commission Movement is the latest product by Desmond Ong the guy behind Blogging Syndicate, The Spike Method and The Niche Funnel System. Desmond has also teamed up with another marketer - Phil Hutchinson and between them they have over 5 years of Internet Marketing experience. So does Commission Movement live up to the hype? Continue reading for my review.


So, I bet your asking ”what exactly is Commission Movement?” well allow me to explain. Once you purchase you get access to the members area, which feature both a software (which is a WordPress plugin) as well as five training modules. These modules show you how to do everything from selecting a profitable niche, optimising a wordpress site for SEO and of course a tutorial of how to set-up the plug-in (which is very simple to do) Below is a video I shot whilst inside the members area. I firstly show you what the software is, what is does and give a brief demo – then I take you through a tour of the members area and the show what exactly are in the training modules. Please note – the video is best viewed in HD.

I conducted the review after thoroughly going through and testing the software and training. It’s amazing how many different things you can use the plug-in for. The plug-in itself is a content locker, which if you didn’t watch the above video allows you to ‘lock’ certain parts of your website/content and in exchange for a Facebook Like, Tweet or Google Plus you will grant users access to the desired content. Obviously this has a great viral marketing concept, as when a users likes/tweets your site will be shown to their friends who may complete the exact same process again, giving you a virtually unlimited traffic source. Since the Google Panda update, Google now looks at a sites social metrics when ranking a site, so having people Like and Tweet your site will be a great SEO advantage in the eyes of the all mighty Google!

As well as the plug-in you also get access to five training modules which show you how to pick the perfect offer to promote, set-up your wordpress blog (everything from getting hosting, to search engine optimisation), set up the actual plug-in itself and how to get traffic and ultimately make money. For a beginner or intermediate marketer, this covers everything. It not only teaches you the basics of setting wordpress up, and a bit of SEO knowledge, it also gives you the plug-in which is very powerful and if used correctly very profitable. I would recommend this to anyone getting started with internet marketing or to the intermediate marketer as it’s pretty much an all-in-one course.

Commission Movement Review Conclusion – Pro’s and Con’s


  • It’s a software, well actually a plug-in that works. It’s not one of these crappy push button softwares that don’t deliver. If used correctly this could make you an absolute killing!
  • It provides full training for not only the plug-in but also support on getting your wordpress set-up.
  • Has live webinar training for members.
  • In my opinion it over delivers in terms of training. You also get a transcript document for each video.
  • It works and has a great viral aspect.


  • Members area design is a little basic and could of possibly been laid out better

To conclude my review, I will end by saying I do recommend this product to newbies and intermediate marketers. Advanced marketers will already know about the training and methods involved BUT the plug-in will still be a great addition to their internet marketing arsenal.

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Looking for a BONUS?

To compliment my review, I have put together a amazing bonus for you. Simply purchase using one of the links on this page then send me your receipt number using the CONTACT PAGE to get access. Included is -

The $22k SECRET aka $10,000 in 7 days blueprint – included is the blueprint itself along with the following videos -

  1. Video 1 – The Secret Revealed And Introduction To The System
  2. Video 2 – Introduction To The Marketplace
  3. Video 3 – Generating Ideas For A Product
  4. Video 4 – The Best Methods Of Product Creation
  5. Video 5 – Maximising Your Offers Conversion Rate
  6. Video 6 – Driving More Traffic To Your Offer

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  1. Bruce Goldman says:

    Thanks for another great review….

  2. ajsims says:

    ok, im asking this same question to make sure u catch it. im a complete newbie to IM and i only have 1 question so far. i dont have a credit card since i have not yet established an actual credit history to get one. i however do have a regular bank-issued debit card with the mastercard logo on it, can i use that to purchase any online money making product/course? again, kind of a dumb question perhaps but im just wondering so i can be safe

    • Josh says:

      Yes that should be fine. i have a separate card I use to buy things online, it’s a VISA debit and it works with ClickSure fine so it should be ok for you too. Just give it a try, it will either work or fail but im pretty sure it will work.

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