Commission Shortcut Review

So, there seems to be tons of hype and buzz surrounding the launch of Commission Shortcut by Chris Freville and Mike Daniels, but no one seem to know exactly what it is, or does – and people are just creating their own assumptions of what Commission Shortcut is, even though it has yet to launch. So to combat this, I went and purchased myself an early copy so I can inform and show you exactly what your getting.

After going through the members area completely, I must say I am quite impressed with the contents. Having read online trying to find out more information about Commission Shortcut, I had already come to the conclusion that it was a scam, when in-fact it is the opposite. In short, inside the members area is the main software which is a .PDF re-brander and training to support the use of the software, as well as training showing you how to exactly distribute your reports in the best way possible so that you can earn your commissions. I recorded the following video which shows exactly whats inside the members area, and what you will be getting with your purchase if you do infact chose to buy. Please excuse my voice, at the time of recording it was a Sunday morning after I had previously been out partying the night before with a few clients of mine who I have successfully ranked them on page one of Google for a very difficult keyword. Best watched in HD.

As I state in the video, I was actually impressed with what has been presented. I also know that some of you may have seen courses similar to this in the past. What I liked most about Commission Shortcut was the fact you can download all of the ebooks onto your computer. This allows you to edit them, and re-brand them completely to stand out from the rest.

Also something to note, since you can download the ebooks, this presents you with a way of building powerful backlinks to your site post Penguin which Google seems to love. I have created a video showing you exactly how to do this, and I will be giving it away as a bonus for anyone who chooses to purchase.

I wanted to keep this review short and sweet, which is what I have hopefully done, and I hope I have provided you with enough information regarding the course that you can make you own decisions if you wish to purchase or not. But let’s do a round-up below:

Commission Shortcut Review Round-up.

What I Liked

  • I know for a fact that this type of viral marketing works, which¬† is why I recommend in the video you watch video 6 and 7 as this is a similar technique to what I am doing in my businesses online for link building as well as promoting by other methods.
  • The members area is laid out extremely well, and is easy to use from a users perspective. Everything is presented in front of you which I like.
  • The content itself is high quality – however some of you may already know about .PDF re-branding. The product itself is worth purchasing just so you can own all the ebooks, it’s much cheaper to buy the product, than buy all the ebooks separately.

What I didn’t like

  • The sales page does have a bit of ‘hype’ behind it, however the members area is hype free and quite ‘down to earth’ for this type of course, so this evens itself out.
  • Even though the course was created by Chris Freville, he hired a paid actor who goes by the name ‘Mike Daniels’.

So I hope you enjoyed reading an actual review, instead of someones assumptions. Like I said before I will not be giving my opinion whether you should buy it or not, I will leave this entirely up-to-you. I have simply provided you with the information to make a informed decision, however after testing it for 24 hours, I DO recommend it.

*UPDATE* Here is PROOF it works! 5 commissions in 24 hours-

BUT for those of you who do decide to purchase. Use the contact me page to send me your receipt number and I will send you over the bonus video I recorded which shows you how to use the methods taught inside Commission Shortcut along with my twist for link building purposes. I will also include everything from my bonus page as part of this bonus offer.

-> Use this link to purchase Commission Shortcut to be eligible for my bonus

So thanks for reading my review, and if your a new reader to the blog, a big welcome! I hope to see you in the future, and be sure to sign-up to my email list using the opt-in form to the right!

Commission Shortcut Review written by Josh Monroe.


  1. Jm Carswell says:

    Josh, I really liked your way of reveiwing Commision Shortcut. It has given me insight into how the product works, that it does work, and it gives me a basis on which to decide.

    A breath of fresh air…

    Thanks, Jim

  2. Scott says:

    Thanks for the review and i’m glad you have had some success with it.

  3. Velva Fitzpatrick says:

    Hello…I am considering purchasing Commission Shortcut through your link, but have a question. Is it necessary to purchase the upsells in order to make money with this program. Or will your bonuses suffice? Thanks for your insight!

    • Josh says:

      No, you don’t need to purchase upsells, everything in the members area is enough to make you money along with my bonus. The upsells just speed up the process.

  4. Terri says:

    Hi Josh, is there an upsale to make the system “really” work? also does the course teach you how to drive traffic, and where to promote said products? I have never made any money online and this seems to be a little hard to me. are the videos step by step really easy to follow and set up?

  5. dee says:

    I am also considering buying this product. I have been through many products. Does this system walk you through how to distribute the ebooks and where? This is always the challenge for newbies…traffic, visibility and conversion to sales.

    • Josh says:

      Yes, I was very impressed at this section. It gives tons of sites which will drive traffic to your links, and a method I would of never thought about doing until I got the course. I also have a bonus video showing how to derive traffic to your website/affiliate link even easier by ranking it on Google, so if that sounds interesting, purchase through the link above then forward me your recipes number using the contact page above.

  6. dee says:

    An update, I have been reading that Clicksure is having some problems. Many debit cards get denied by their banks because it comes through as gaming in China. I would consider buying this product but not through clicksure. Do you know if this product will ever become available through clickbank???

  7. Myriam says:

    Hi Josh:
    Thank you for the reveiw.I did purchase the program and two updates yesterday I did not know about your website until today. I am sorry I miss on your bonuses.

  8. steve says:

    Ok, so I just found your site today after doing some research for this product.
    Great site..
    Anyway, so long story short if I buy in for the $46 and I put in a couple of hours each day can I expect $100-$200 per day ?
    Do I need to buy spinner software to edit PDF files ?
    Is it as turnkey as say cb pirate ??

    • Josh says:

      I would say $100-$200 per day would be unrealistic with this method. If that’s the type of income your looking for, check out my Bring the Fresh review where this type of income is easily achieved. I would say with Commission Shortcut you’d be looking at more like $200 per week (unless you scaled up the campaigns massively and invested huge amounts of time, but again, BRing The Fresh would be more rewarding financially)

  9. Sean Isaacs says:

    Hi Josh, found your blog looking for info on Commission Shortcut. Was about to buy the product, then decided to search online for reviews. Most of what I read was negative or a false promotion for an affiliate link. Then I came across your review. Don’t know you, but your review looks like an unbiased review, with integrity as its foundation. Based on your testimony that you were able to make a few sales, I will try the product. I am looking forward to reading more of your reviews. Thank you. From what I saw it looks like the product sells for $46. Based on a few testimonials above, there appears to be upsells. That’s fine. Is there any recurring billing? Thanks for protecting those of us who think every dollar spent is important!

    • Josh says:

      Hi Sean, glad you enjoyed the review. Yes there are some upsells (two if my memory serves me correctly). Once of which are some pre-done campaigns by Chris himself which will speed up the process for you. I didn’t purchase the up-sells and everything you see above including the commission generated were all from the standard $46 membership. There are NO rebills, so once you pay your $46 your good to go.
      Hope that helps.

  10. David says:

    Hi Josh,

    I also got problem buying through Clicksure. I used Visa Debit card too.

    Just wonder if they put it in Clickbank yet. Do you have Clickbank affiliate link for this program? IF yes, pls put it here so that I can buy through your link.


    • Josh says:

      Hello David, if you are based outside of the United Kingdom (like me) you may have trouble purchasing as you bank will block the transaction because its the transaction is taking place abroad (Clicksure are a UK company). To fix this you either need to contact your bank or speak to Clicksure customer support for further referencing. The product is a ClickSure launch so will not be appearing on ClickBank.


  11. Patience says:

    Hi, Josh
    I bougth this product througth your link yesterday, but i could not find a download link to get the product i paid for i have my recept tell me where to email it to you

  12. Axel Vauxverdi says:

    Hi Josh, finally an honest and well done review of Commission Shortcut! I searched Google for a while and found only crap essentially before finding your blog. Thank you for the excellent video and your valuable comments. Highly appreciated. Well done! Best regards. Axel

  13. Terri says:

    Josh, check your Bring the Fresh Comments

  14. Chuck W. says:

    Hi Josh,

    I ordered Commisssion Shortcut a couple days ago, regretfully I found you site a little to late. Just wanted your readers to know as a newbee, I found this to be the best course, easy to impliment, and hopefully be able to make a couple of dollars insead of just promises.
    I am keeping your site in my browser.
    Thanks for your unbiased advice.
    Respectfully yours,
    Chuck W.

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