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Hey, Josh here and I better blow the dust off this blog to present you my Commission Supremacy Review ;)

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commission supremacy

This is one of those rare occasions which if you watch the sales video, you actually get the stuff they claim inside the members area! (Seriously)

As you can see from the screenshot above, there are two main tabs – “Traffic Nitro” and “Ready Made Sites” which I will cover below.

1. Traffic Nitro

This is a software that allows you to generate unique content for the most popular products on places like Amazon as well as auto embedding your affiliate link. It will then go out and build the site for you, and you can also do your own research and select products of your own choice to promote.

This section is where all the training is located, and traffic nitro even covers the SEO aspect of things showing you where to build back links, Panda safe strategies and more.

I was actually surprised by how good the builder was and the training provided as they go really in-depth and at the end of it you will end up with  a “proper” website, not some spammy thrown together scraped article affiliate site.

2. Read Made Sites

That’s pretty self explanatory, right ;) – as stated on the sales video you get some pre-done sites that offer a good blueprint of what you need to be doing with the software. Personally I would build these sites out some more, add a bit more content then rank them on Google as they are pretty high quality.


I decided to write this review as I’m a fan of Craig K’s work. He has a proven past track record with products like Info Product Killer which I personally used to make my first Amazon commissions when it first launch back in 09.

The price may be a little more than most people will be used to seeing, however your paying for a top quality product AND top quality support. Craig really does support his products, so if you need help, they go out of their way to accommodate you.

They have a no hype policy which I love and if you follow the training you WILL see results – I mean, lets face it Amazon is like a GOLDMINE in compression to promoting ClickBank products!



  1. Timothy Cronin says:

    Just wondering about the 3 price points listed on the video pitch page: Does the highest cost one mean there’s no upsells, do you know? And what was all the talk by the narrator that his team does all the traffic work? He made it sound like we could be up and profitable relatively quickly, so I’d like to know if there’s anything you could elaborate on besides what you’ve already written. Thanx much.

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