Easy FB Commissions 2 Review

Another day, another review. Today I will be reviewing Easy FB Commissions 2 by Justin Michie and Sean Clark. I know some of you will be familiar with Justin, as he has launched numerous successful products a few of them being – 5 minute membership sites, Carbon copy commissions and Viral Monopoly. As stated in the product name, this product focuses on Facebook so let’s get into the review  -

The core of Easy FB Commissions is the software which you receive after purchasing the basic membership. It works for both Mac and PC and has key features like auto group/fan-page liker and joiner, auto commenter, the ability to update statuses from within the software and more. I was actually impressed by the fact that the software has it’s on built in proxy finder (it’s a wise idea to use proxies whilst doing this) that scans and gives you fast proxies to use (buying proxies is expensive! so this is a very helpful tool). The software also allows the use of multiple accounts or as they are called ‘campaigns’.

I will now give a quick run through the members area, and demo of the software in the video below -

All in all the software is decent for the price. There are many alternatives out there that do a lot less than the Easy FB Commissions software, and charge a lot more! For the price you also get their training on how to use it effectively to market to Facebook – something which you would not receive if you purchased something like a Facebook Friend Adder.

If you are looking to get started with Facebook marketing and want a ‘hands-off’ approach, this would be perfect for you as you can leave the software running all day if you like. It’s as hands-off and auto-pilot as it could possibly be, however I don’t think it will start pulling you in the figures advertised on the sales page straight away. I can’t see this software making you upwards of $400 at first i.e. if your a newbie but figures like this are more than possible on FaceBook IF you know what your doing.

**Easy FB Commissions 2 – Updated for V2**

Instead of writing a new post, I thought I’d update this old one to tell you what’s changed with version two of the software.

The software now allows you to run multiple instances (multiple versions) – this means potentially you can make more money as your running multiple campaigns at the sames time.

The software has now also been updated to allow mass direct messaging of your friends – you can also automatically message users after they accept your friend request. Short codes are also enabled so the software will automatically add the users name to the message making it look like a real message.

The tar getting has also been updated and you can now add users based on their likes, making it easier to target people to market too. These targeting options also work for the selection of pages you wish to auto-join and so on.


Easy FB Commissions Review Round-up – Pros and Cons

Pros -

  1. it’s easy to set-up once you read the manual and follow the training
  2. it’s costs pretty much nothing to set this up perfect if you don’t have much capital to spend
  3. You will see results HOWEVER your results will vary on how much time you put into it

Cons -

  1. It’s unlikely that you will see figures like $400 per day once you first get started
  2. There is some playing around required to use the software properly and effectively

Verdict -  For the price, you really can’t complain especially if your looking to get into Facebook. The software itself does everything some of the higher ticket products cost and you get the added extra of video training. You can run the software pretty much all day, so if you leave it running long enough you will start to see results.

Rating 4.6/5

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  1. Eric says:

    Hi Josh, thanks for a great video review and overview of this product. I’m thinking of purchasing this product through your link. I’m wondering if you could tell me if you are actively marketing with it and how you are doing? Thanks for your help!

    • Josh says:

      Hi Eric. I have been using Facebook to market for a while now and the software provided inside Easy FB Commissions pretty much makes what I was doing before an automated task (using the software). I mainly target CPA offers and my marketing before using the software I paid an outsourcer to do. I paid them to do 3 hours per week marketing on Facebook and then netted me around $100 per week on average. Now I can do all of what i paid the outsourcer to do and more, for how ever many hours I like (the software can be run all day pretty much) so I expect to see that number sky rocket!

  2. Alouis says:

    Hi! I just purchase the software through your site here. Please let me know what should I do to get the bonus. Thank you :)

  3. Cheri Madison says:

    Hi, Josh. I purchased Easy FB Commissions through your link. Where do I forward my confirmation email so you can send me your bonus video? Thanks for your help.

  4. Andy says:

    excellent review, and very much appreciated, thanks. The 60day MBG still holds even if bought through an affiliate right?


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