Fast Commissions Review

Today we have a product that I purchased with low expectations, expecting some of the usual “guru” garbage, but I have to say what I saw impressed me (which means were of to a great start!)

As promised, here is my highly anticipated Fast Commissions Review. Below I have put together my full review and Fast Commissions Bonus to compliment.

Fast Commissions

So what exactly is Fast Commissions? 

In short it’s a three step process which is fairly easy to understand and implement. In my opinion this course is great for beginners, as it’s fairly straight forward, and it works. your basically being given the blueprint to EVERY major “gurus” 6-7 figure per year business. How do the gurus do it? Simple. They build huge lists of potential customers, and market to them consistently whilst establishing a relationship with them, and that’s exactly what is taught in Fast Commissions (but remember, as with anything dont expect to get rich overnight!)

Below I have put together my full Fast Commissions Review video and members area tour. Be sure to check it out as it explains everything in detail, and will answer most questions you may have (Don’t forget to watch it in HD for best results)

As I said above, it’s a really simple three step system (in my opinion it SHOULD be a two step heres why).

Step 1. Getting Started - This is where you get signed up for ClickBank, Aweber and download your done for you squeeze/capture pages. I cover this in detail below, check out my “bonus” section for more info.

Step 2 . The SEO Process (can be skipped in my opinion) – This is where I believe it should be a two step system instead of three. Here you get a piece of SEO software, which will scrape articles and post them to your WordPress blog for SEO purposes. Each post can contain links to OTHER sites (if you have them) and acts like a great buffer for tier 2 sites. If you don’t have any other sites, you can skip this section, as in my opinion building backlinks to your squeeze/capture pages is pointless.

Step 3. Getting Traffic - Here you learn three different methods of traffic generation which are

  • Viral List Builders (VLBs) – One of the most simple and hands of approaches to traffic generation I have EVER seen!
  • Solo Ads – Paying someone with an existing list, to mail out your link/offer (builds your list and generates commissions!)
  • Ad Swaps – Instead of paying, you simple swap or “exchange ads” with others. You send their offer, they send yours. Simple.

All three of these methods of traffic generation are proven winners. I use Solo and Ad Swaps myself personally, and this section contains some great resources for getting DECENT ads.

So as you can see, it’s very simple and straight forward. Stick with this and not only will you make commission, you will also build a hugely profitable and targeted mailing list that you can use to market to in the future (just like the gurus). Once you have a decent sized list, this is as close to “push button money” as it gets. Send out a mailing, get paid! Winner.

Conclusion - This is a perfect “done for you” strategy/system perfect for beginners. If your a more advanced marketer, then you probably won’t learn much, however the done for you squeeze/capture pages are worth the purchase alone if your lazy like me ;)

Fast Commissions Bonus - If you are interested in purchasing Fast Commissions, I have put together a pretty cool bonus pacakge for those who purchase via the links on this page.

Bonus #1 “Training Videos” – Since this is aimed at beginners, the only part they left out was what to do with the sites you downloaded and how to set them up. Since most of you will be beginners, you may not know what to do – and thats fine. I have decided to ensure you get the most out of your purchase, I have recorded some training videos showing you EXACTLY how to set the sites up, and how to add them to you cPanel etc.

Bonus #2 “Easy Push Button Opt-ins” - In this training video, I show you a very cool resource to build up your email list at the speed of light. It’s dirt cheap and provides almost instant results. Remember, the bigger your list, the more Ad Swaps you can do!

This bonus was specifically created to enhance your Fast Commissions purchase. Unlike other people offering bonuses “worth$997″ that have NO value at all, I will show you EXACTLY what you need to be doing to get set-up!

How to claim – purchase via ANY link on this page then forward me your purchase receipts to admin at honestcbreviews dot com and I will have your bonus sent out within 24 hours!


  1. Rassan Dassan says:

    Hey Josh,does Fast commissions have a recurring membership or is a one time buy?The swreg site is a little confusing?

  2. Bernardo says:

    I Josh, i really appreciate your honest reviews!
    Normally i don´t post and discuss this subjects in the forums and other, but now i must ask you a question.
    I have bought 3 programs by now: workfromnohome, imwithjamie and trafficuprising 997$, and i must say the online one who conviced me far was workfromnohome. But it seems a bit hard for beginners like me. I must say, after watching your review about this product, i became very interested indeed. From the others i bought, is this the best one to achive solid results?

    Thank you in advance

    • Josh says:

      I think Fast Commissions is great for beginners who want to learn the process behind building a list and so on. They give you the pre-done squeeze pages and show you where to get traffic. If they dont convert initially, you can convert them when they are apart of your list, and market to them in the future. Internet marketing is all about the list, so any product that shows you how to build one to me is worth the buy.

  3. John says:

    This look really good. Are there any upsells? If so how many? What do you get for the regular cost without purchasing upsells assuming there are any?

    • Josh says:

      Hey John, yes there are up-sells. I didn’t get them, but they were done for you campaigns and coaching. Everything I talk about in the review/video is what you get with the basic purchase.

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