Global Traffic Machines Review

Jerome Chapman and Blake Barret are back again, this time with something super exciting. I’m sure you’ve heard of this duo before, and as usual they never disappoint! This is perhaps one of the more exciting products so far, reason being is that the concept is something UN-HEARD of within the internet marketing niche. So lets get into my Global Traffic Machine Review!

So, what exactly is Global Traffic Machine? Well to put it short and sweet, it’s training which shows us how to go after the virtually untapped niches out there (even the big ones like weight loss) WITHOUT any competition! You see most training focuses on going after the United States as the target market, this means there are a ton of people going after the same chunk of pie. Global Traffic Machines teaches how to go after the same niches, but in smaller markets e.g. The European market, the Asian market and how to dominate them exclusively.

Before we continue, check out my super in-depth video review and member area tour below. It shows exactly what the ‘software’ does -

So, as you can see from that video, we can now tap-into these international markets and completely dominate them! I even know of certain products on ClickBank which have been fully converted into Spanish and are generating affiliates six figures per month just using PPC – that’s crazy this particular product in the Spanish market is killing it!
Now, I don’t usually spend to much time on the up-sells, however I really do think the up-sells offered with Global Traffic Machine will really enhance your experience and make you some extra commissions as well as giving you some REALLY in-depth training.
Global Traffic Machines Upsells
  1. Advanced Training Videos ans Coaching – This upsells is basically more advanced training as well as personal coaching via webinars. It runs at $197 and is the most expensive up-sells, however if my memory serves me correctly, you are getting 10 webinars included in the price, so it’s pretty much $19 per webinar WITHOUT counting the extra video training.
  2. Ready Made Campaigns – If your looking to start making commissions, FAST then this is for you. You will be given copy-and-paste campaigns in pre-selected and researched niches. These niches are converted like hot cakes, and they also show you the best products to promote. It’s nut just ClickBank either, you can choose from a range of networks such as Amazon. Neverblue, Commissions Junction and tons more! This up-sell costs $195.
  3. Traffic Booster – So well all need rankings, and this is exactly what the Traffic Booster does. It gives your site one way links from top-sites to get your site the position on Google it deserves. All links will be related to your campaign so if your targeting weight loss, your backlink will come from a weight loss blog. For the price of $67 this is a no-brainer especially if you don’t know how to build backlinks. This will have you ranked, faster and way cheaper than purchasing the links yourself which if you don’t know what your doing it could HURT and penalize your sites rankings!

So there we have three up-sells, all fantastic in my opinion (and I know I don’t usually do this, but I couldn’t help it). There is something for everyone and here’s which ones I recommend -

If your a complete beginner, get up-sells one and three (The coaching and Traffic booster) This will provide you with a knowledge of not only how this system works, but the entire “make money online” industry, as well as helping your rankings by building you one way back-links.

If you have experience or just want to make some quick cash I recommend you get the ready made campaigns (and Traffic booster if you don’t know how to build backlinks).


So, do I recommend Global Traffic Machines? YES, absolutely. I will be giving this 4.4/5 as this is a truly new concept of making money online (in my opinion) and should be much easier than the traditional methods.



I’ve got your covered! I will be offering my huge mega bonus pack as a bonus which includes tons of relevant information and products. You can find more about what’s offered within the bonus package by CLICKING HERE

I will also be throwing in -

Tube Destroyer – How to make money using YouTube. I cover everything from getting views, to getting ranked on Google!

Pinterest Domination – Learn how you can cash in on the latest social media craze ‘Pinterest’

Affiliate Graphic Creator – Create stunning graphics like a pro, easily FORGET PHOTOSHOP

PLUS MORE super cool UN-advertised bonuses.

To claim purchase Global Traffic Machine using the link below then forward me your receipt to admin[@] or use the CONTACT page!




  1. Frank B. says:

    Hey Josh. Great review. Been checking this out the past few days. I’m kind of a noobie. Always checking WF to see what is available. This software/product seems easy. Probably will jump to it. Budget tight. If any upsell, probably the Traffic Booster. Tnx. for review and will keep in touch if I have any questions…

  2. happyro says:

    would traffic booster good enough to get all traffic? you mentioned somewhere about ppc.

    • Josh says:

      The traffic booster is for gaining one way backlinks, this will increase your search engine rankings thus increasing traffic. The PPC method was just something I mentioned as I know some people who are killing it with PPC however this is not part of the course.

  3. Sam Stafford says:

    do you recommend this program for beginners? I am a newbie looking to get started, and this looks like the best program I’ve seen yet. What are your thoughts?

  4. Jill says:

    If, what I can make out is that you are promoting products on clickbank, translating the blog, article whatever. But all clickbank products are in English. Could you please explain, thanks

    • Josh says:

      Yes that’s correct but the products you will promote will also be in a different language. You use more than just Clickbank in total there are around 10 affiliate networks. Also,clickbank has most of the popular products translated into many different languages, for example the truth about abs has been converted multiple times and there are people making six figures per month promoting the Spanish version of truth about six pack abs.

      • Gerry says:

        Hi Josh,

        I’ve been monitoring this product for a few days now. I’m trying to find out how to monetize the sites.

        The CB products you mentioned, the ones in foreign language…are they available in the same CB marketplace? Does the course teach us how to integrate these CB products in our posts?

        One thing more, can I use the same adsense account and integrate adsense ads in my sites?

        Thanks for your time!


        • Josh says:

          Yes ClickBank has products in foreign languages in the marketplace, but the training actually shows you off other affiliate networks you can use so you have a huge variety of different products from different networks. The sites you make are either wordpress or blogger so you can place your adsense code inside them if you wish with no problem, however I haven’t tried this myself.

  5. Chris says:

    Josh, any limit to the number of sites you can make?

  6. Derek says:

    Hi Josh, I am seriously thinking about purchasing this product, however I have only question. How do you make money from producing these sites? By using Google adsense eg?

    • Josh says:

      Hey Derek, the idea is to go after a certain niche for example ‘make money’ then you create a ‘mini-blog’ with translated content, then add your affiliate links inside the posts, or as banner ads etc. You can use anything from Clickbank to Amazon or even Adsense. This section is covered in more depth within the members area.

  7. Chuck W. says:

    Josh, Great Review,

    I have just completed setting up my e-books on wordpress via: Commission Shortcut. Can I impliment them into the Global Traffic Machine also? Many thanks for taking the time to review the programs that intrest you readers.
    Warmest Regards,
    Chuck W

    • Josh says:

      The best route to take would be to take the training from Commission Shortcut and apply it to Global Traffic Machines by creating your own ebooks of translated content, then uploading your ebook to the sites listed inside Commission Shortcut i.e. Scribd. This method would be quite time consuming though as the Global Traffic Machines software fetches content from article sites for your specified keyword then translates them. Best thing to do would be use the site you generate inside Global Traffic Machine, then make mini ebooks with your Global Traffic Machine website as the link inside the documents to help your site rank better. Hope this helped, as wasn’t too confusing..

  8. BobM says:

    cant’ seem to pay using their “Clicksure” system online account; can I use Clickbank somwhow? My bank has said no charge has been made; they noted that I may need to call to “allow” charge to be made from “ClickSure.”
    Thank you, -Bob

    • Josh says:

      Hey Bob, What happens is your bank will block ClickSure as its an international purchase, so you will need to call your bank and tell them to allow purchases from ClikSure I had to do the same. It’s worth it though as nearly ALL products will be on ClickSure in the future, it’s the “new clickbank”.

  9. Daniel says:

    Hello, I’m new. I’m thinking of purchasing Global Traffic Machine. My first internet marketing venture. Does the members area have the upsell offer for coaching? Can I purchase coaching later? Right now, I can only afford Already Made Campaign and Traffic Booster. Thanks.

  10. Ken says:

    This look really good, and could have good potential to make money, even though the sites looks a little bit simple. I’,m sure if you put up 400-500 of those sites you will see some money in the end. How about you Josh, have you made any money from it yet, if so how much? My second questions is, i didn’t see where the affiliate links go in your video, how does it get monetized?

  11. Mike says:

    Hi, Josh:
    I’m almost done with the provided micro niche campaign but I am stuck at “Content Search Results.” I need to add an affiliate link to each post so I can get a commission when a buyer clicks on that product link and buys the product. But when I add my Clickbank link, the software won’t work and if I add the provided “Product Affiliate Link” in the “Suggested Products To Promote” section, I don’t get credit for being the affiliate. How do I attach my Clickbank ID to my articles in another language so I get commission on a sale?

    Thank you.

    • Josh says:

      Hi Mike, not sure I understand the question. Shoot me an email using the contact form where I will be able to assist better.

  12. Derek says:

    Hi Josh, I purchased GTM just over a week ago, and for the past week I have been experiencing technical issues with the software where it is not translating the article content. I contacted the support desk on several occasions with any reply. It is really frustrating because I can see the potential in the GTM system, however the support helpdesk is not responding to me at all to resolve the technical issues. Do you have any suggestions to this dilemna ?

  13. Katie Hadjfysentzou says:

    Chris says,
    Josh, any limit to the number of sites you can make?
    Josh says,
    You can create as many sites as you like as it uses the free blog platforms WordPress and Blogger.

    My question is: Dont you need domain names for the sites (newbie :) )


    • Josh says:

      Hey Katie – the sites you create on Blogger and WordPress come with their own FREE sub-dmains i.e. so no, you don’t need to purchase domain names as they are included with the hosting :)

  14. Derek says:

    Hi Josh, I purchased GTM just over a week ago, and for the past week I have been experiencing technical issues with the software where it is not translating the article content. I contacted the support desk on several occasions with any reply. It is really frustrating because I can see the potential in the GTM system, however the support helpdesk is not responding to me at all to resolve the technical issues. Do you have any suggestions to this dilemna ?

    • Mike says:

      Derek, I am having a similar problem. When I try to publish my articles to my blog, the software just spins and spins and never gets to the “Success” page. Also, I still can’t figure out how to get affiliate credit on a translated product page or even how to get that product page translated to my target language. I’m on the verge of requesting a refund…

      • Derek says:

        Mike, I know exactly how you feel. It is very frustrating because I have contacted the support team on several occasions without a reply. Just last week, I was about to request a refund when unbelievably I got a reply from the support desk! They recommended that I do a clean up of my browser cache and check my PC has javascript enabled. I followed their instructions and still the problem hasn’t resolved. I’ve now reached the stage that I am going to request a refund. It’s ashame because I can see the potential in this program.

  15. Mike says:

    Hey, Derek: So I got a response from the Help Desk about my affiliate product pages being in English and not the desired target language: “I suggest that you use a search engine to research affiliate networks which sell products for the languages of your choice.” That’s a bit too vague and not very helpful since I’m new to this. So I am stuck after trying to use their advice to solve my problem. Very frustrating. Can anyone help with step-by-step instructions?

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