Instant Free Commissions Review

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Hey guys Josh Monroe here, and today I present you with some of my best work yet. Below is my full Instant Free Commissions Review which literally just launched (Jan 28th) and the “guru” behind this is Andrew X.

Now, I know not all of you watch the review videos, and prefer to read the text however in this case it’s SUPER important that you watch the video below. With this in mind, I kept it super short, it’s only 7 minutes BUT it EXPOSES the dirty truth behind Instant Free Commissions (seriously, I can’t believe they thought they get away with this?)

Make sure you watch the video in HD and FULLSCREEN for best results. Instant Free Commissions Review video – “The Truth Exposed”.

So, as you can see from the video above, the entire product is just a complete rip-off, basically put – it’s a fraud. I really don’t know how these so called “gurus” think they can get away with re-packaging an already existing product (which, i still didn’t recommend in the first place), slap together a new sales video and re-sell it without anyone noticing. I mean, both products are by the same guy “Andrew X”.

Now, the “method” behind this is simple. Contact website owners and create a deal where you advertise on their site for free and share the profits….Yeah, like thats gonna work..

Now, if you are interested in reading my original review on Launch Paid Ads Free (click here – it’s on the WarriorForum). But, I really can’t see why you’d want to read it, since its pretty much the same as this review.

Note – I haven’t recommend either product, as in my opinion the method will NOT work. BUT, if you believe otherwise go ahead and try it.

So, I guess that pretty much wraps up my Instant Free Commissions Review. I refuse to do a proper in-depth write-up on a product that already exists. I also urge you to un-subscribe to any marketer who is promoting this to you.

As mentioned in my review, if your looking for something that DOES WORK, and which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND click the link below to watch the video, and see how I can become your personal coach/mentor. The link below takes you to my mentoring video which is literally 4 minutes long and explains everything in detail.

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