Instant Internet Paydays Review

Up today we have my Instant Internet Paydays Review. Now, this one was a little refreshing from a buyers perspective, the sales video wasn’t full of hype, the sales page told you EXACTLY what you were getting and there were no ridiculously long sales videos/up-sells pitches to go through, so all in all I’d say Instant Internet Paydays was getting off to a good start, don’t you agree?

Instant Internet Paydays Review

So, if you watched the sales video, you will know what you’re getting. Pretty much you get given four (five including the “bonus”) done for your websites which include the sales page, sales graphics, product, images, and the copywriting for a low price of just $27. Sounds like a bargain, but is it?

Instant Internet Paydays – Full video Review + Members Area Tour (See what the sites look like…)

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What’s included?

The four (five including bonus) sites are -

  • Killer Copy for the Web
  • Simple Affiliate Profits
  • The Freelance Formula
  • Beginners guide to Blogging
  • Beginners guide to SEO (BONUS)
You also get six training videos that cover everything from getting the sites downloaded, how to edit the sales pages, how to upload them to your host and of course how to accept payments (I’d recommend PayPal).

So like I said in the video, this takes the “hard work” out of product creation, all you have to do is focus on driving traffic (covered in my bonus).

How would I promote the sites? Free tips with Josh

If I were you, this is exactly how I would promote the sites you get given. First off, I would watch the bonus video I provide if you purchase via the link on this site.

Secondly, I would make some simple/small quick edits to the sales pages to make them different from the rest. If you are an advanced marketer, I would get a quick and basic sales video created (outsourced). Video is hot at the moment, so a sales video will boost conversions AND make your site stand out.

Thirdly I would make sure that I was building a buyers list. I would do this by placing an opt-in form on the “Thank You” page. This way, we can build a BUYERS list to promote affiliate products to in the future (just like the gurus do)

BONUS TIP - If you were focusing on building lists, you could give the products away as free gifts in exchange for opting in to your list!

So yeah, I’ve just outlined the entire process I would take if I were you.

Above, I have given you a no hype review, shown you exactly what is included in your purchase (just $27!) and given you tips on how I would go about promoting the sites, but now here’s more about that Bonus I talked about..

Instant Internet Paydays Bonus - As talked about above, I have created a training video showing how I would drive semi-targeted traffic to the sales pages of the products you know own, to not only make sales but to also build a buyers list. Interested in this special bonus? Sure you are! To get access simply purchase Instant Internet Paydays and the first up-sell to claim. Forward me your receipt to admin [@] honestcbreviews dot com.

Are there any up-sells?

There was one up-sell, regarding driving traffic. The cost is $47. Remember if you also get my bonus on driving traffic using my own method included with the up sell as well.


For just $27, you’re getting a bargain, really. Five done for your products ready to sell for a price that low is like daylight robbery! I hope you enjoyed my Instant Internet Paydays Review, if you did be sure to sign up to the newsletter ;)


  1. Michelle says:

    Do you think this is a better program for NB’s than Anthony’s program? Why or why not in your opinion just wondering. I like the 1 upsell vs.4 upsells

  2. Joey says:

    Hey, Josh. This sounds interesting. I am curious about two things, though.
    1. When you said that we should add a list to the thank you page so that we can build a list of targeted buyers, is that something covered in the course or your bonus?

    2. Does Instant Internet Paydays or your bonus discuss how to handle refunds and stuff like that?


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