Job Crusher Reloaded Review

Job Crusher Reloaded aka Job Crusher 2.0 is the predecessor of the original Job Crusher which we first saw in 2006 and is still going strong to this day. The product creators who you MUST have heard off – Bill McItosh & Eric Louviere are responsible for over $50,000,000 gross online(yes, that’s the correct amount of zeros) are back and have completely revamped the product for a re-launch.

What is Job Crusher? – Well, it’s basically a membership site with the aim of arming you with everything you need to create your own six figure online business. This isn’t another get-rich overnight scam, the idea is to create your OWN business, hopefully allowing you to quite your job. The whole idea is that you instead of promoting other people’s products, create your own and have people promote it for you. We all know product creation is one of the easiest ways to HUGE wealth online, and Job Crusher shows you how to create your very own empire. Take a look at the members area tour below - 

The amount of content you get is CRAZY. I simply couldn’t fit it all onto the video below. You even get access to the old training from the original course, as well as some of Bill’s other products such as Internet Marketing Blueprint. Everything is covered inside the members area, from creating a converting sales page to driving traffic and everything in-between such as list building, and finding affiliates. It also comes with a video showing you exactly how to get into the correct ‘mind-frame’ for online business which I suggest you check out A.S.A.P.

Here is an overview of whats taught -> You build a list giving away free products, building a relationship you can then promote offers to your list, In the meantime you are researching and building your own product/service -> This creates your own online info publishing business.

I find if refreshing that this product is all about building a business, something for the future. There are no hyped up claims, push button softwares or overnight riches, just the blueprint for a tried and tested business model. Just a few things that are covered -

  • Traffic generation
  • Product Creation
  • Creating and maintaining your own membership site
  • Niche Marketing

And tons more. You could think of this as the internet marketing bible. Remember - you also get your very own free membership site hosted by MemberSnap with your basic purchase.

When Job Crusher originally launched, it was $97 per month. Today you can get access for only $7 by activating your trial below. I don’t know WHY you wouldn’t want to be a part of this. I know it doesn’t promise overnight riches, but how many products live up to that? This is something that can set you up for the future, an actual business.

Job Crusher Reloaded aka Job Crusher 2.0 Conclusion – I highly recommend this. No fluff, no hype, no ridiculous expectations. It works, and has the credentials to back it up.

Are there any Up-sells?  Yes, two. The first is an upgrade to extreme which is a $1 trial. The second is the overnight Guru webinar for $497.

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Oh and for all you people who dislike using ClickSure, the great news is that Job Crusher is launching on ClickBank! So what’s stopping you, remember its ONLY $7!

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