Marketing With Anik 3.0 Review

**UPDATE JUNE 17, 2013** - As man of you many know since your at this review page, Marketing with Anik has relaunched. as version 3.0 Now, the majority of this review is still correct, as you will still recieve access to everything below, you also get access to 15 weeks of live WEBINAR trainings with Anik and his team (replays will be places into the members area for you to watch as your leisure) and you will also get access to the entire back catalogue of content.

Since the price is still the sames at $37 you must be CRAZY if your pass this one up!


Anik Singal and Jimmy kim are back – this time with Marketing With Anik 2.0. Now, if you’ve been following me you know that I LOVE products that are launched like this (Webinar training) for the simple fact that you get live over the shoulder access to in this case two ClickBank super guru’s. Not only do they train you live, but you can also chat with them and ask questions if you get stuck, which in my oppinion is the best way to learn!

So let’s kick this Marketing With Anik 2 review off with a members area tour. Please watch fullscreen and in HD for the best results. In the video I show you exactly what you get with your basic membership purchase, as well as a tour of what the upsells are and what they include -

So let’s just re-cap on what we’ve seen in the video above. Your basic membership gets you access to three products -

  1. Lazy Tubester - Which is a recorded webinar about marketing with YouTube. YouTube is one of the easiest methods to set-up and scale and can easily bring in a extra few hundred per moth. the webinar is just un 70 minutes in lenght.
  2. ClickBank overnight - This is aimed more toward people just getting started with Internet Marketing and is basically a quick start guide to getting started with ClickBank and explaining what it is in simple, easy to understand terms.
  3. Affiliate Classroom (Worth the investment alone, in my opinion) This is a 70 video deep training center showing how to literally do everything need to succeed as a affiliate marketer from CPA campaigns, PPC advertising and building backlinks. It’s also split into three categories, Newbie, Intermediate and Advanced.

As well as the above three products you also get 15 webinars with Anik himself. If you miss a webinar, fear not as you can access all of the previous events anytime you wish. This is great if you feel you missed that key bit of information, or just simply want to re-watch. The previous 15 webinars can also be found here, so you can watch them as you wish.

The above is what is included in your basic membership priced at $37. In my opinion you’d be crazy to pass this up! But before I finish the review I will briefly touch over what the up-sells are, and then divulge a piece of key information at the end.

Marketing with Anik 2 – up-sells (What are they, and how much do they cost?)

If you wish there are also three up-sells that can be purchased.

The first is Income Kickstart and this is a four week quickstart guide to building an email list. This is priced at $197

Secondly is the Empire Module which is all about creating your own online empire (creating your own products). Everything is covered from picking offers, niche research and how to set-up your product amongst other things. I’m loving this module, and if you have the extra money laying around I recommend this – as they say Content Creation is the fastest way to online wealth! this is priced again at $197

Lastly we have SEO classroom which as the name states is all about SEO – this is priced at $97 (depending on your skill level, I recommend this OR the empire module depending on how you like to market online)

More info on these up-sells is covered in the members area tour video above. Remember the up-sells are NOT needed, they are just there to supplement your purchase and I have expressed my opinion on which I would personally buy if I was in your shoes.

Conclusion – Do I recommend Marketing with Anik 3.0? Yes! I love it to be honest, and I love how it’s taught. You’d be crazy to pass this up, remember it’s only $37 for three products and 15 webinars!

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