Massive Passive Profits Reloaded Review

“OK, I’m reloaded!” – what better to start this review of Massive Passive Profits Reloaded then with a famous quote from an even famous movie. I’m sure you’ve seen it, and if you have comment below with the answer, first to guess correctly gets a cookie!

Ok, all jokes aside, lets get our serious faces on, it’s ok i’ll wait..Done? Right let’s get started!

Now, 2 years ago Bill Mcrea and Travis Stephenson released a pretty powerful product – yeah you guessed right, Massive Passive Profits. It generally got a pretty positive result (all of you who know Bill, know he’s no BS, straight to the point marketing) but some things were left out, so 2 years later Massive Passive Profits Reloaded is here!

Take a look at my review video below. Pay close attention to what I say in the beginning as it could change whether you purchase this or not, seriously it’s very important and could save you some time and money!

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Ok, great so if your still here then you know what your doing in regards to auto-blogging etc. Like I pointed out in the video, when this method is done correctly, it’s a goldmine!

The plug-in itself has got some great features, nothing has been left out so your covered on all aspects.

Inside the members area is where you can find the training – which has been split int the following modules -

  1. Step 1 – Hosting and Installing
  2. Step 2 – Signing up accounts (for all the different locations the poster scrapes from)
  3. Step 3 – FAST site building
  4. Step 4 – Activating Content System
  5. Step 5 – Generating Traffic

I found the training very helpful, and I also thought Bill was a very good teacher – he delivers the training in a easy to understand context.

I recommend you watch all the training videos first before jumping straight into the software, or you may feel a bit lost.

If you have used any sort of auto-blogger or content syndicator before, I can pretty much say hands down that Massive Passive Profits Reloaded will BLOW it out of the water! I myself haven’t used these types of softwares too often in the past, but it’s clear to see the potential that this has!

Are there any up-sells?

Yes, whilst going through the sales process I was shown the following up-sells.

  1. Mass Traffic Deploy - This seemed to be a traffic generation software and costs $197
  2. Advanced Strategies &  Coaching – A private coaching offer with Bill and Travis as well as some advanced marketing strategies. Cost $247

Pro’s and Con’s

Pro’s - 

  • Once you get the hang of the software, it’s great – seriously you could make  a killing with this!
  • Training videos and .PDF guides are easy to understand and follow
  • Has the best spinner support for articles to make them more unique
  • Has tons of places to fetch content from including articles, videos and Amazon/Clickbank products to name a few

Con’s - 

  • Members area could have been structured better
  • There will be some learning curve if your new to this kind of software

So, I’m not going to bore you anymore with why you should get it, if your still reading then that means your more than capable of using this to make money. So the main reason you should get this is, well because you just should!

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Hope you enjoyed this review. I am currently sick, so my review video wasn’t up to usual expectations, so I tried to compensate that by incorporating some more humour into this review. If you liked it, leave me a comment and I will continue to write my reviews like this! And don’t forget if your new to my reviews, opt-in to the newsletter over there ==>


  1. anita says:

    I am trying to decide at this very moment if this product is for me. So far, I haven’t seen any bad reviews, except about the first version and not receiving product. What is the most difficult thing to do with this program? Is it a must to purchase the upsell products? I hope I have a great and rewarding experience with whatever I choose.

    • Josh says:

      If all you can find are great reviews, then that is to me an indication that you should get the product! If you follow the training, it’s quite easy to understand, so you must watch the training first before jumping straight in. up-sells are not needed to make money with this.

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