Mobile Money Code Review

Hey guys, Josh Monroe here and today I’m going to be bringing you my highly anticipated  Mobile Money Code Review.

Mobile Money Code Review

Inside the members area..

So, by the name your probably expecting the average mobile marketing course were they show you how to use mobile ads to drive traffic, right? Well if that’s what your expecting you’d be wrong.

The product itself is a revolutionary state of the art mobile site builder that easily allows you to set-up sites in minutes with a “drag and drop” sort of feel. I’ve played around with the software for a few hours now (and even created a site to use personally since my Uncle owns a Pizza joint) and I have to say, it’s one of the easiest, newbie friendly tools I’ve ever come across.

With that being said, don’t let it fool you. Just because it’s “beginner friendly” it doesn’t mean its trash. Like I said I’ve personally used it to build a site. Some of the features it has are mind-blowing. Click to call and Google Map integration to name a few.

Watch the video below to see my full Mobile Money Code Review and Software Demo (I build a site live on camera)


As I pointed out in the video, I was in a rush so the demo is only to showcase the features the software has and nothing else. With that being said, even with my rushed design, it’s still pretty kick ass, right? (Yeah, just look past the colour scheme, please…lol)

At this point, im almost 300 words into writing this review and I haven’t even covered half of the contents of the members area (theres so much cool stuff in there). So let’s take a closer look inside, shall we?

Inside the Mobile Money Code Members Area

To complement the software, we also get a training video and relevant training pdfs (see video above). Also included in the membership are access to 12 LIVE training webinars that happen each week. There area also a range of other tools included from a QR code generator to a mobile site indexer, mobile marketing training and everything in-between – again see the video above for full details.

At this point, I also want to answer a question I’m probably be going to asked – maybe a question that is on your mind.

“Josh, I don’t know about mobile marketing, will this work for me?”

First, I will answer that question with my answer – Of-course you can, why wouldn’t you be able to make this work? I myself am new to this concept too, so stop making excuses and start producing results! :)

Getting clients and sales is covered again in the training, but I liked the different possibilities to earn following the method. A few of my favourite being -

  • Create free websites if they by hosting though you (you can get $100 commissions for if for recommending hosting to people!)
  • Rent the sites to business owners on a monthly basis (i.e. $400 per month for you to host the site etc)
  • Or the traditional create and sell method (flipping)

Again, all of which is covered in the course.

My Conclusion - For just $49 your getting a starte of the art software designing tool that if used correctly can create a job replacing income. Perfect for beginners and advanced marketers as it offers a easy approach to making high ticket commissions (Just one or two sales a month could net you a few thousand!).

The only thing left for yo to do is get off the fence and click the huge “buy now” button below to start taking action and making Mobile Money Code work for you!



  1. melvin says:

    hi josh,

    Are there any up sells that you need to buy to make it work or can you make money just using the software.Do you need a website or does it comes with the product?
    Because I have a little budget and I don’t want any surprises when I purchases the product meaning…
    order/buy this etc,etc .So the really question is..can you make money if you purchase this product for 49dollar without any surprises if you know what I mean.

    • Josh says:

      Hey Melvin,

      The basic product fir $49 is enough to get started and you dont really need to get any of the up-sells to make it work.

      Hosting is optional, but it’s something that you WILL eventually need somewhere down the line (not just for this product, but for marketing online as a whole)

      So yes, you can get started for $49

  2. Michael says:

    Hi Josh,
    Is it difficult to set a procedure to do Affiliate Marketing? In the email from Greg it refers to Clicksure and Clickbank…how difficult is it to set an affiliate process with this software?

    • Josh says:

      Not too sure what you mean..

      If you give the sites away for free which is one of the methods taught, you will earn a $100 commission on ClickSure. You can also use the GoDaddy/HostGator affiliate program to do this as well.

      • Michael says:

        Can this system bu used to promote clickbank products as an affiliate and if so how or is the system designed to only create sites ie Bob’s Pizza and then sell the sites or hosting.

  3. Tonie says:

    Hey Josh,

    Not so sure if only I noticed this, but when the chap presented the incomes, he didn’t show any work being done to generate them. Either that is a gross error on the filming part or an intended omission. My thinking is that this is some mobile affiliate marketing process. That being the case, what then sets it apart from other affiliate marketing sites such as to generate these high incomes?? Nowhere on Greg’s video did it show any selling of or renting of sites to off line customers as you highlighted in your review? All sounds too good, however I’m sure you wouldn’t stake your hard earned reputation on a wild offering?

    Thanks in advance.


    • Josh says:

      Tonie – not to sound rude but if you actually read my review fully, as well as watching the video review and demo you would know that this has nothing to do with mobile affiliate marketing.

      The actual training is in the members area, the sales video is just a “commercial” as it were, to “wet your appetite”. Again, everything you need to know is in my review and video.

  4. Ron Williams says:

    Does the software or program come with any pre-built websites or do i have to build them all myself? How much extra would i have to pay for the prebuilt sites? Thanks

    • Josh says:

      It comes with 50 done for you pre built sites, and the software allows you to build your own.

  5. Murray says:

    So Josh, I have to agree with Tonie above, sales video or not, this sales video appears to me to be a gross missrepresentation of what the program is actually all about! In each case where he demonstrated how it works with his students, it was a simple set-up procedure and then a period of waiting for a few hours to see what income had been generated. The students or beta testers involved did not make any contact with anyone during that time, nor did they take any significant time to be trained in the necessary set-up proceedures required. It was all made to look so simple. After a quick initial set-up, they sat down to have a drink while the income action was all happening in the background. Your description in you review may well be how it works, but this bears abdsolutely NO relationship with any actions taken by the students in the sales video. I thought that your response treatment of Tonie above, was very kurt, when indeed she has a very relavent point of view! Common sense would indicate that to generate that sort of money is nowhere near as easy as it was depicted in the sales video, however, for people who have been mislead and conned over and over again by slick sales videos, you surely must understand our scepticism when your product review (which I am not disputing here) bears no relationship at all to the apparent flood of affiliate sales generated on ClickSure in a matter of hours?
    What we want to know is, from your review the income streams appeared to be more personal business relationships set up with real businesses and nothing to do with affiliate marketing in the normal sense, so why, if the Mobile Money Code has nothing to do with ClickSure affiliate marketing, is the sales video dedicated to revealing that straight out affiliate ClickSure/ClickBank commissions appeared to be the entire source of each student/beta testers income???

    • Josh says:

      Murray you’re making the mistake of judging the product by the sales video.

      The sales video is a commercial and nothing more.

      My review provides you with all the information and even shows you what the product is.

      You should base your decision of reviews that show ALL the facts.

      Can you make affiliate commissions with this course? yes. But that isn’t the main focus which is why I didn’t show that aspect. The main focus is the software to create the sites.

      Once you create a site, you can earn a commission from selling hosting, and the commission is generated through Clicksure…it’s a $100 flat commission but again this isnt the main focus point.

      Considering you can sell these sites anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand the earnings potential is definitely there.

      Thats all I have to say about it, if you have problems with how the sales video is presented then you should be taking them up with the video creator, copywriters and so on, at the end of the day I write reviews and have no link to the product creators.

  6. Ted says:

    Josh’s review is accurate, however there are possibilities for this program which he fails to mention, which may be because he hasn’t thought outside the box when it comes to the possibilities this app offers the affiliate marketing community. The video doesn’t mention the apps use in the affiliate marketing arena and I’m not sure why. Possibly oversight or possibly for more clandestine reasons. Basically, this app is a time saver. So, what is your time worth? If you have a standard website development program, you can do everything with it, that this app does, however, the Mobile Money Code app will allow you to do it much faster. I’ll be happy to explain the affiliate application in greater detail if you want to Skype Me@ ted.oliver51.

    • Josh says:

      Het Ted, thanks for the post – I’m sure it will help a lot of people out as you’ve clearly grasped the concept of what’s going on here…probably because you actually purchased it yourself to make your own decision and make your own findings instead of basing your verdict from a sales video

  7. rich says:

    Im kind of confused about basics of mobile marketing. if someone searches on Google on their phone for a pizza shop wont the regular site show up on their phone?

  8. Josh Freeman says:

    Hey Josh this is Josh I bought the Empowernetwork system last night off of your sight cuz I been hearing so much about it figured I would try it out for $25 bucks what I got to lose, oh yeah $25 bucks not bad though of course they try to upsell you as soon s you register for $100 to get in (the inner circle) but I confirmed my email adress and have not recieved anything back, how long does it normally take?

    • Josh says:

      When you create your account and pay, everthing is activated live – so if you go to the empower website you should be able to log in with the info you created when you signed up. I can see you in the downline section, so you should be good to go. If you have any questions contact me or your sponsor via email, not here on the blog.

      I also deleted the rest of your comment and the comment section is not a place to promote products. I also will not be checking out your link as I don’t “owe you”, just letting you know ;)

      You will also find that at Empower its in your best interest to get the other products – they are not there to just “be bought” it’s some of the best training online, and with those products you wont need to buy a sinlge other training product online ever again.

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