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The legend himself is back. That’s right, affiliate guru Jamie Lewis is here with his latest product – Online Goldmine. Now before I get started with my Online Goldmine Review, I’d like to drop a quick history lesson on you guys regarding myself and Jamie. If you didn’t already know, around two years ago when I was getting started online, the first time I ever ‘succeeded’ was following Jamie Lewis and his teachings. So I already know his methods work and he’s legit.

So, now that were started, let me inform you of what your getting with your basic purchase (it’s huge, content on content!) You get access to the members area along with the ‘Commission Ripper’ software (Demo in the video below), a huge selection of pre-done campaigns in every niche possible, 4 coaching sessions with Jamie Lewis himself via webinar, the entire back catalog of videos (18 pages worth) from IM With Jamie (his coaching course) and a selection of pre-done templates, websites, graphics and more in the download section. Talk about bang for your buck, right!

Take a look at the FULL members area tour and review below (watch in HD and full-screen for best results)

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As you can see from my above video, like I said the course is jam packed with content from every aspect of online and internet marketing you could possibly imagine. In my opinion Jamie really has gone all out with this, Online Goldmine could just consist of the software, and pre-done campaigns by themselves BUT your even getting 4 webinars and all the videos and downloads!

Online Goldmine

I would think that most of you reading this area all aware of who Jamie Lewis is by now, right? But if not, he’s basically a regular guy, who stumbled on a formula to making money online whilst he was flat out broke. Over the years he has tweaked and perfected his craft and banked over nine-million dollars in the process, that’s basically Online Goldmine summed up in a sentence. Inside your getting everything he has used, and still uses daily all in one place.

My Online Goldmine Review Conclusion & Verdict

So, off the bat the most important question is, ‘Do I recommend this product?’ Answer: Yes. I know Jamie’s teaching and approach works, I’m proof of that. I also know that people tend to learn more from webinars than anything else, and your getting four thrown in!

Are there any up-sells? – Yes, two in-fact and they are as follows -

  1. Your Instant Mastermind Initiation – This is 24 live coaching sessions with Jamie (three moths worth), some extra campaigns thrown in and the ability to private message Jamie (he will message you back himself personally). In my opinion you should all get this if you haven;t ever been coached before. I’ve been in the sessions myself, and Jamie runs them personally as well as give you instructions for that webinar on how to makeĀ  money i.e. Today we will be posting X item on Craigslist in X category in this city – results? everyone in the webinar profiting right there together!
  2. Access to the Website Control Panel - This allows you to build pre-done product sites that come with the ebook and graphics, spin them making them unique, buy a domain and hosting plus take orders via PayPal all within three minutes! (They demo this on the video). The idea being is that you create these sites, then flip them on ‘flippa’ for around $300 for a quick profit! You DON’T even need hosting, they will host 20 sites for you! This is the fastest way to profit using Online Goldmine so I recommend this up-sell. Comes with a full backend with up-sells plus you can get affiliates to promote it for you so you make EVEN more cash OR you can just straight flip it with Flippa.
To get this most out of Online Goldmine, I do recommend purchasing both up-sells (I know, that will cost quite a lot of money but stick with me). The reason being, is the first up-sell gives you direct access to Jamie himself over a 3 month period via webinar where you can actually privately message him. He will guide you and show you exactly what you need to be doing to build your business. The second up-sell is Jamie’s very own backoffice. It allows you to build and host 20 sites which are all ready to start making you money. They are full sites, sales page, graphics and product included which you can either keep and promote to make you money straight to PayPal OR flip to make a fast buck. Once you create the sites, you can chat with Jamie on the webinars (above) and he will send you in the best direction, and send you the path which will make you the most sales.

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  1. Aaron Webb says:

    EXCELLENT REVIEW, I was hoping that you would reviews this product so that I can see what I’m getting before I buy it. And I will buy this through your link. Thank you sir!

  2. Aaron webb says:

    I have a question though…Jamie said that after you purchase the software, you will receive 40 websites. What section in the members area is that found and regarding the hosting they provide you, do you have to get the upsell? And do i only have to pay for the domain name?

    • Josh says:

      They do give you free done for you websites along with graphics and content in the download section. I believe the 40 done for you sites is a continuation of these free sites in up-sell form. The up-sell allows you to build a website with a fresh salespage, graphics + ebook from 40 different niches and have it built in less than 3 minutes. (it looks for a domain for you and you add it to your hosting) the idea being that ins ready to take orders and you get paid via PayPal BUT they recommend your ‘flip’ it and sell it on Flippa as a pre-done site for around $300. Very fast way to make some easy profits without really doing anything

  3. Aaron webb says:

    Cool, so I do have to buy a domain? Do i have to buy my own hosting from hostgator or can they host my sites? And if they can host my sites, how much is it? I don’t want to lose my shirt haha

    • Josh says:

      Hey man, I think I didn’t make myself clear. When doing that method (using the site builder to build websites with salespages + ebook etc) you DO need to buy a domain (around $4.95) BUT they will host 20 of the sites for you. But then we are going to flip the site on flippa (around 300$ for a normal site, a few thousand if it has traffic, and even more if it makes sales!) So as you can see it’s vert profitable with a small outlay ($4.95 for the domain $287 for the site creating software). All you need to do is technically sell one site for $300 to break even AND be in profit!

  4. aldabar says:

    you are the best……….
    thank you

  5. Aaron webb says:

    THANKS JOSH! That answered my question buddy, you are THE MAN! I’M DEFINITELY BUYING FROM YOU DUDE…you should be my coach haha

  6. Profit says:

    I have tried other products like this and havnt got anywhere with them just futher in debt. My problem is traffic does this program provide you with traffic also or at least address the issue of traffic for the beginners.
    Thank you

    • Josh says:

      Online Goldmine is perfect for beginners due to the fact you can attend live webinanrs with Jamie himself, where you can ask questions, get answers and further training all from the product creator live.

  7. Aaron webb says:

    Good Morning (from where I am), I had a random question regarding the PinProfits software. I plan on using this as a traffic tool combined with Online Goldmine campaigns and stuff. But with the PinProfits Multiplier, do you have to have the software “UP AND RUNNING” for it to pin pictures and your link and description? And do you have to put “#” before keywords in the description? Please help me out

    • Josh says:

      Hey Aaron, I’ll answer this as best I can – from what you put, by ‘up and running’ do you mean actually open on your computer? If so, yes. You need to actually be ‘running’ or using the software for it to go out and make pins etc. In regards the the # if your familiar with Twitter, people use the hash to tag in relevant keywords, is called the hashtag. So when your on Pinterest you want to use the hash for your keywords as this is how people will find your pins. For example if your keyword was weight loss, you’d put it like this on Pinterest #WeightLoss #LoseWeight etc. A good example of this would be – I just lost 4 pounds this week! #WeightLoss #LoseWeight (then you’d put as many hashtag keywords as you like so people can find your pin). Hope this made sense to you.

  8. Aaron webb says:

    So in the description part of the Multiplier software with PinProfits, it’s important to hastag in front of words right? If so, great. And yes you answered my question.

    btw, do you mind if i can get your contact info (non-email)?

  9. Tony Wang says:

    After following your posting, I found that it is very useful and full of details. Since I am a Newbie in IM for 2 months, I had been scam and failed for several times. It make me so depressed but I won’t give up. I keep on searching for the best program to start with by jumping from one to another because of all the Guru’s keep on saying zero risk and big potential earning online. Althought I have start to do an Article Marketing still it’s not enough because it takes time. Finally I received some info regarding about “Commission Ripper”, it seem like an interesting program to start with. But I am still skeptical, because of all sort of empty promises and need to purchase upsell. So, I would like to seek advise on how to start-up low with a small amount of $50 per month. I only have this much to spared because of family commitment and others bill to pay. Any good advise?…

    • Josh says:

      Tony if your new then Online Goldmine will be perfect for you as you get to have live webinars with Jamie himself (the product creator) so if you get stuck you can ask him for help whilst in the webinar. In regards to article marketing, it still ‘works’ but its no-where near as effective as it used to be a few years back. article marketing these days is used for mainly building backlinks, and not generating commissions.

  10. Jaime says:

    Great review Josh!
    Bust just wanted to know have you made any money $$$ with Jamie’s goldmine program yet? If so how much?

  11. Yogesh says:

    hey josh,
    i feel i have come to light by finding your this website and would like to thank you for doing a great work for people like us who are willing to work online.
    my question for you is:
    A) As i am willing to start my venture into this internet marketing thing,from where should i begin?
    B) what should i purchase first 1) online goldsystem ; 2) Bring the fresh review ; or 3) Work for no home.

    i hope you’l continue to lend ur hand to guyz like us.
    again a big thank you.


    • Josh says:

      Go with Online Goldmine simple because you get to attend live webinars with Jamie Lewis himself so if you do ever get stuck, need help he can help you out as well as teaching you new methods to profit.

  12. Tami says:

    Do you need the upsale two make money on the online goldmine?

    • Josh says:

      No you dont – but in this case the up-sells really do help you and speed up the process of making your first commissions online

  13. John Calvin says:

    Out of all the reviews you have done here on the right side, How would you rate them 1 being the best. In other words which one would you do. I do not like to buy web hosting because that is expensive. But in order which ones would you do

  14. John Calvin says:

    contact me by email with your picks

  15. Tami says:

    HI does the online goldmine make money in a short period of time?

  16. Tami says:

    Hi again would you say jacklink is a good program to ad with the goldmine ?or dosent need it? Thank you Tami

  17. John Calvin says:

    Is jamie system the best out there right now Josh

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