Pin Profits Review

Pin Profits is the latest product to launch in the internet marketing space, focusing on Pinterest – created by Kaci Kennedy. The course is centered around generating affiliate commissions using Pinterest, which if you didn’t know sends more traffic than Google and FaceBook combined (don’t believe me? Google it) and is set to become the second largest social marketing website.

pin profits members area

Pinterest is an absolute goldmine, why? Well 99% of its users are FEMALE with 30% possessing more than $100,000 per year earnings, so in other words they have money to spend. Kaci show you exactly how to market to them, pick products and tons more inside Pin Profits. Below is my full review video showing you whats inside the Pin Profits members area. I show you EVERYTHING so you know exactly what you are purchasing! Please watch in HD and fullscreen for the best results.

As you can see from the above video, there are four modules in total which are -
  1. Getting started with Pinterest
  2. Pinterest Fundamentals
  3. Getting Traffic & Earning Commissions
  4. Optimizing Your Pinterest Marketing

Pretty much everything is covered in those four modules. I did a review of a product recently called Pin Your Income which was another Pinterest marketing course, and Pin profits totally blows it out of the water. The training is way better, and a whole lot easier to understand.

Within each module you are provided with sub videos, all recorded in HD and presented by Kaci herself. I found her voice very easy on the ears, as well as clear and easy to understand.

Also included with your purchase are six weeks of live training delivered via training webinars. Don’t worry if you can’t attend, as they will all be recorded and uploaded to the members area. i;ve found these types of webinars very easy to understand and learn from in the past, so I recommend you check them out. They usually reveal secret tricks and hidden gems for additional ways of profiting. I really liked this, as you still get access to these even with just the basic purchase.

Pin Profits Review Roundup & Conclusion

So, I bet your wondering if I recommend this product? Well the answer is yes. Top notch training, in a profitable niche what’s not to love?

Pin Profits up-sells? - The course has three up-sells which are -

  1. Pin Profits ultimate – this is the software I was talking about/showed you in my review video
  2. Done For You Profits – 19 pre-done campaigns
  3. Pin Profits Unlimited – Outsourcing guide including how to outsource the software above

I recommend getting up-sell one, which is the software and has a built in re-pinner/pinner, liker, commenter and follower. This will save you a ton of time.

What I Liked – Training was laid out in a professional way, easy to navigate the members area and the training was easy to follow. I also liked the software, I felt like it was a great piece of kit and worth every penny.

What I Didn’t Like –  Would of been nice to have some training .PDF’s instead of all videos, but that’s just me being picky.

-> Click here to get your copy now! <-

As mentioned in my review video – I have found 5 winning campaigns. I will be giving two campaign away, everyone who purchase will receive ONE random campaign to make sure they don’t get saturated. Both are converting EXTREMELY well as I have targeted them exactly to the user base.

pinprofits bonus

Also, I’ve thrown in some extra goodie such as the Pinterest Traffic System,  (worth $190) plus the AutoPilot Profit Formula (shows how to make $1,500 per month on autopilot) BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! You also get everything on my Bonus page including my ‘MEGA BONUS PACK’ (world famous!) see the rest of the bonus here

To claim your bonus, you need to purchase via the link below then forward me your receipt number to admin[@] OR use the contact page on my blog. You must title the email “PIN PROFITS BONUS” or there may be delays processing your bonus.

-> Click here to purchase Pin Profits and get your Bonus package now! <-


  1. Faruk says:

    How much are the upsells? And what guarantees you going to give us that we’ll get the free bonus since I dint get my MM 2.0 bonus

    • Josh says:

      I sent it twice already, I ALWAYS send them. Im going to re-send it again RIGHT NOW, so check your email in 5 minutes, then reply to my post so I know you have it.

  2. kfir says:

    no price is mentioned ????

  3. anna says:

    hi, can you also tell me how much are the upsells?im interested to buy. thanks!

    • Josh says:

      Hi, up-sells aren’t needed but I recommend the software as I sate in the review. Prices are –

      Upsell #1 is $294 (software)
      Upsell #2 is $267 (done for you campaigns)
      Upsell #3 is $97 (outsourcing guide)

  4. Julian says:

    indeed… very easy voice on the ears… btw dude.. i’m going to put in a refund for the mobile monopoly and get this. couldn’t get approved on the CPA networks to reap full benefit from it. Pin Profits seems more valuable. keep up your reviews…

  5. Dorit says:

    Hi Josh,
    As l understand you have been using Pin profits for a few month all ready.. How is your profit at this date.. .. 1. reasonable – 2. very good – 3. extremely well..
    Honest reply is expected.. Thank you

    • Josh says:

      Hey Dorit, you must have misunderstood me, I said I was using Pinterest for marketing for the past few months :) Anyway to answer your question, it depends really on a few things. it depends what you class as ‘good income’ or extremely good etc, but for me and my specifications I would say so far it’s a number 2 which you described as ‘very good’ and thats exactly how I’m doing, very good.

  6. Nancy says:

    Hello Josh, Tell me why I should purchase this from you and not directly from her website?
    If she only released this a couple of weeks ago how could you have been using her “system” the past few months?

    • Josh says:

      Well, if you go back and check, I stated I have been using Pinterest and my OWN system for the past few months, not hers. And im not forcing you to buy from me, you obviously got here because you were looking for a review of the product, and not the actual product itself. I have given you a review, and now you must decided whether or not Pin profits is right for and you, and if you want to purchase, be it from my link or directly from the site.

  7. Nancy says:

    Hi Josh, Writing (not enough) words sometimes loses the meaning. Ok lets start again.
    As a prospective buyer what makes your offer better then directly buying from her? I wanted you to sell to me. It wasn’t about forcing. What bonuses, extra’s do you offer that she doesn’t offer buying from Kaci’s site. Do you also have support or mentoring? I am sorry, I should have clarified more.

  8. bob says:

    Hi Josh,. I’m retired, and looking for a honest program that can make about $1,000, – $2,000 per month, if it earns more, that is great, but I just want a steady monthly income to help pay my bills, will this program be able to do that? I’m a good learner that will take it seriously. thanks

    • Josh says:

      Hey bob, I recommend checking out the review I did on a product called Work From No Home – its much more stable and the numbers you mentioned are easily achievable following the training.

  9. bob says:

    Hi Josh,. thanks for the prompt reply, I will look into Work From No Home. I have read thru your reviews of most programs, it’s informative. In addition to Work From No Home, if you had to choose the number one program for a newbie to use what would it be? What has been your personal overall favorite that you have used? thanks,.

  10. Ingrid du Preez says:

    Hi Josh. Thanks for the great review. I am interested In this. Two of the up-sells are very expensive, but it seems worth it!

    Thanks for having put in your time and efforts to give this review. Ingrid

  11. imad says:

    HI Josh
    In some other reviews I’ve learned that Pinterest doesn’t allow direct linking , and that Pin Profits can’t give great results . is that true ?
    And is it possible to use pinprofits without purchasing the upsells because they are too expensive?

    • Josh says:

      Pinterest dont really like you using affiliate links, but that doesn’t mean you cant use them. Most places dont like affiliate links to be used, YouTube is a great example yet everyone still uses them. Just cloak your affiliate link using a URL shortener and you will be good to go.

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