Project First Sale Review

Hey guys, Josh here and today I am bringing you my highly anticipated Project First Sale Review.

The products that I have seen so far in 2013 have been outstanding in both content and quality, so can Project First Sale follow the trend? Continue reading to find out..

Project First Sale Review

Quick sneak look inside the members area

Project First Sale Review – What is it?

From the name, you would be expecting it to be some sort of course focused on generating your fist commissions online, right? Well if that’s what you thought you’d be right!

As stated on the sales video, it’s a three step system to get you up and running, and hopefully netting you your very own first sales! (ahhh, I remember my first like it was yesterday…)

Click ‘Play’ on the video below to see my FULL review and members area tour. I show you exactly what the “Three steps” are, as well as a quick demo of the software/application and my thoughts on the product as a whole -

So, as you can see from the video above, you get three detailed steps to profiting online. In my opinion, this whole section was laid out really well, with each module having corresponding steps to follow. Also, I would like to note that you do NOT need either a domain or hosting to follow the system, so thats great for you beginners out there.
The three steps are as follows -
  • The Quick Profit App & Sniper Strategy – As demo’d in the review video above, this step is about creating videos and placing them on ‘sniper’ style blogs (You can use free blogs such as blogger as shown in the training video)
  • Video Profit Macine - As stated in the sales video, this is where you get the done for you campaigns. 10 Done for you videos in the hottest niches, plus training on how to utilize the videos effectively (Tip – follow the training in my bonus section for optimum results)
  • Profiting from FaceBook -  This step is all about how to combine and utilize the power of FaceBook fan pages with the PFS training.

I am living proof that the above steps WORK.  This is probably one of the fastest AND cheapest ways to get your affiliate links distributed all over the internet which will drive targeted traffic to your affiliate links resulting in you making commissions.

If none of the above makes sense, please watch the review video above which explains all in great detail.

Project First Sale Review – Conclusion, Pro’s/Con’s, Up-sells and Bonus!

So to conclude this review, I would say that I’m VERY happy and impressed with my purchase. I know for a fact that the methods inside the course work, and WILL generate you commissions IF you put in TIME and follow the course correctly. This is a great course for beginners/newbies as you are literally not only hand-held throughout the process, but also given 10 campaigns to get you going.

I would also like to point out the following – I’ve seen a few claims made both on the sales page and by people this product that need addressing. Whilst you are able to use the methods above to generate $130 in 15 minutes (or however short they claim) the likely-hood of that happening for you is very slim. Can this course make you some extra income/your first sale? 100% YES but please don’t buy expecting to see hundreds of dollars straight away. Tube Cash Code Review

Automated Income App

Rating – 4.7/5 from a beginners perspective.

What are the up-sells? - There are three upsells inside the course. I will now also say this for the millionth time – Up-sells are NOT require to make this work. The basic product is ENOUGH however the upsells are available for those who want to take this a little more seriously or simply want to speed up the process. The upsells and prices can be found below -

  • Sales multiplier software + list building virtual worker + 6 fast profit copy paste campaigns – $297
  • 20 profit ready websites + access to personal web designer + 20 bonus niche websites – $194
  • Automated 2 for 1 traffic software toolkit + lead capture page  generator  - $97

PROS – Easy to use and follow, great course for beginners, has the potential to make you your first sale

CONS - The voice on the video tutorials is a little annoying after a while, a lot of hype used to promote the course HOWEVER i’m willing to look past that since the product in my opinion is great.


Looking for a Project First Sale Bonus?

As mentioned in my review video, I’ve put together a INSANE bonus package for anyone who choices to purchase via the link on this page. The bonus includes the following -

  • My “Infamous” Tube Destroyer eBook/Course - This is a product I created and sell for $47 showing the basics of YouTube SEO, how to get videos ranking, getting more views/likes/comments and more. Retail price is $47, todays it’s yours FREE
  • Tube Destroyer 2.0 – I know a lot of people already have access to Tube Destroyer, so I will be ALSO giving away version 2 (un-released to the public) which is actual real live video tutorials and case studies showing how to rank videos from start to finish.

Pair both of these videos with Step 2 from the Project First Sale system and you’ve got yourself a commission making MACHINE!

How to Claim? - Simply purchase via the link below and forward me your receipt to admin [at] honestcbreviews [dot] com. Bonus will be processed and set out within 24 hours!

Note the product doesn’t launch until January 14th so if your having problems with the links saying you don’t have access, check back tomorrow!

==> Click here to purchase Project First Sales and Claim your INSANE bonus package!


  1. Jemor says:

    As always, a great review Josh. However the Buy Now button tells me I don’t have access to this landing page so I can’t purchase

    • Josh says:

      Hey Jemor – the product doesn’t actually launch until tomorrow (jan 14) so check back the and everything will work fine. I accidentally posted the review a little early, but I’m glad you liked it!
      See you tomorrow,

  2. RJ says:

    Hey Josh: Excellent Video Review, Thank You. I received the Sales Video earlier today, watched it, thot it was interesting, checked the WF and decided to hold off for now. I just watched another video where ‘Mark’ says there are NO upsells, so already misleading info in his sales video. This happens all the time tho in these long Sales Video’s. There is always misleading information. In the Sales Video he’s trying to prove that these newbies ‘apparently’ made 100 – 300 in just 24 hours and that it only took them about 25 minutes to set things up. Again, misleading, according to your Review. However, the bottom line IF the system really works, then I don’t mind checking it out. I have been struggling for 9 years online to make my First Dollar. Every system I have purchased is missing ‘pieces’. When this is launched Josh, if I decide to purchase, I will purchase through your link, to support you, since you are the Only Video Review I can find. Thank you again for this review. Awesome job young man!

    • Josh says:

      Hey RJ, glad you enjoyed the review! In regards to the sales video, you have to remember they are designed to do exactly what they are called, sell. Now, I’m not saying what you saw in the sales video is impossible to do, it’s very achievable (I’ve done so myself) especially if like in the video you have the product creator sitting with you the whole time. HOWEVER this course has ALL the missing parts to the puzzle and is there are NO additional costs needed, all the methods taught are 100% FREE – which is great for beginners. If you stick with this, there is no doubt you’ll “make your first sale” but remember, as with everything you WILL need to put in time in the beginning. Once everything is set-up, you will create some streams of auto-pilot income. The product is now live, so if you do decide to purchase, don’t forget to forward me your receipt so I can send you the bonuses over :)
      - Josh.

  3. Michelle says:

    Hey Josh yeah I am aware that it does not launch until tomorrow like Jemor I happened to just get an email on this particular product. Impressed that you gave such a early review cause I was looking around for an actual review. Seems like a great product and I am considering buying, but I know nothing about video marketing or blogs for that matter. As you know I am a total Newbie. So how can this benefit me? Also seems like the 3rd step involves integrating things through facebook. Not bad but I am not about Spamming my friends with ads! So what do I do if I have no site? Let me know!

    • Josh says:

      Michelle, this course is designed for newbies. The things you don’t know now, you will learn from this course. We all have to start somewhere, and this is a great start for people such as yourself. The Facebook method has nothing to do with “spamming your friends” so don’t worry. It’s about creating Facebook fan pages. Also you DO NOT NEED A WEBSITE OR HOSTING the methods in the course are 100% FREE. Hope this helped.

  4. Terry says:

    On the 10 setups he gives you, are they basically ready to go as it? If nothing else, can I start with those and get them going and then go back and start learning how to make my own? Like most newbies, I do not know anything about making videos, blogs, and I am not sure if I have a facebook fan page, unless that is just the page that has my communication, etc on it. Thanks and I just saw this today and thought it looked good but I always wait for your email to see what you think. Also been trying to make money for 2 years this month and have not made a penny. Thanks again. Terry

    • Josh says:

      Hey Terry – the 10 videos are professionally designed videos that are ready to go as soon as you purchase. Using the training, you can upload them to places like YouTube and then distribute them (again all covered in the training) across the internet to get targeted traffic, which will result in sales. So, no videos need to be made, you can use the 10 done for you videos OR if you wish you can use the video creator and make your own videos as shown in step 1. If you stick with this, there is no doubt you will eventually make sales, but don’t expect to get rich overnight.

    • RJ says:

      Hey Terry, just wanted to quickly reply as we are in a similar situation. I also do not know how yet to make video’s, but that seems quite necessary now for making money online as google loves video’s. I started to learn about Facebook Fanpages in another course last spring, but kinda got lost in the training. I know there is money to be made there too. They are not the same as your main page. As Josh says, no matter what course you’re following, there IS a learning curve involved. You’ve been struggling for 2 years Terry; I’m pretty dumb I guess, cuz I’ve been struggling and losing money for 2 mths shy of 9 years. I will just say in closing Terry, DON’T GIVE UP! YOU can do this and I can do this! Don’t make the HUGE mistakes I’ve been making; jumping from course to course. Stick with ONE course all the way through! I look forward to hearing of your First Success Online. Cheerz! RJ

      • Josh says:

        HEy RJ, sorry to hear about your a Terry’s lack of success. I honestly believe that Project First Sale will help you both out tremendously. Paired with my bonus Tube Destroyer you wil learn everything needed to be promote via videos successfully, which as you agree videos are the hot topic at the moment. Using the Project First Sale training and the SEO training inside Tube Destroyer, you pretty much have a sure fire recipe for success.

  5. Marcus says:

    Another great review Josh. I must say you give the most detailed reviews. I am working on another project right now but when I decide to purchase this course later I hope you will still give me the bonuses!

  6. Barry says:

    What products are being sold with the videos? Are they clickbank or another affiliate site? Are they quality products and won’t have a large return percentage? Sorry for all the questions, but I just wanted to understand exactly what I would be selling if I bought this product. Being a newbie, maybe I’m missing something.

    • Josh says:

      Barry, my review video above shows everything that is included with the purchase. There are three systems, as I talk about in my review, Video blogging, 10 done for you campaigns and FaceBook fan page marketing. The rest of the information can be found in both my review video and written review.

  7. Terry says:

    Just had to respond back. Josh thanks so much for responding. Responses from those so called gurus are few and far in between and with some there are never any responses. Great job and appreciate and listen to your advice. Also for RJ who responded, thanks for your response as well. I needed that from someone like me trying to find my way. Good luck to you. Thanks again, Josh, for giving us a place to communicate.

  8. RJ says:

    Haha Josh, guess I didn’t explain my ‘plan’ very well. I wasn’t expecting to make any money within only 3 hrs Josh. That would be insanely unrealistic to expect. I figured since Mark said on the video you can set up a campaign in 25 minutes, NOT knowing what I’m doing yet, I was allowing myself to watch the training and follow the steps and see what I could accomplish in 3 hours. Then over the next 24 – 48 hrs perhaps set up a few more campaigns and see what happens. I’m trying to look at this whole thing ‘realistically’. The 5 days grace that Mark talked about I would think would be ample time to see ‘some’ commissions, if you follow the training to a T, considering his ‘newbies’ apparently saw commissions inside 24 hours. Anyway Josh, still giving this serious consideration. Cheerz… ;-)

  9. John says:

    Great review! What I like about this is that you don’t have to worry about purchasing traffic. So the only money you have to spend is for the product itself. That’s actually pretty nice. I do have one question. Are the clickbank products well know?

  10. Joey says:

    Hey, Josh. Those videos actually don’t look half bad — better than I expected. I do have a few questions, though.
    1. Are there like time limits on how long the video can be?
    2. Can you add music to them if you want?
    3. Your bonus is so huge that I’m confused about what traffic stuff the course itself teaches. Is that mostly social media stuff?
    4. Does the course teach you to set up a blog? I’ve heard lots of people on Youtube and stuff say that you can’t just use affiliate links or something like that.


    • Josh says:

      Hey Joey,
      1 – From what I can see, no. You can make it as long as you want.
      2 – I can’t see any option to add music, some do come with music already though.
      3 – My bonus shows you how to rank youtube videos, Step 2 of the course gives you 10 done for you videos, so my bonus will show you how to rank them (this is however optional, you don’t need to do what I just said)
      4 – The course shows how to put your videos on free blogger blogs and so on. You can use affiliate links on blogs with no problem. Part of the method explains this, plus after the video has been watched you can make the page redirect to your sales page/affiliate link to ensure you dont miss out on any commissions.

  11. John says:

    Does (Step#2) the 10 done for you campaigns come with the original cost or is it an upsell?

  12. John says:

    Hey Josh, I was just assuming that investing in traffic wasn’t a requirement. Is that true? Thanks

    • Josh says:

      Hey JOhn, you are correct. The methods taught show free traffic generation techniques, no spending on traffic is necessary.

  13. Hi Josh
    Is PROJECT FIRST SALE better than YOUR FIRST COMMISSIONS for a total beginner? Appreciate your opinion. Thank You
    Sincerely, William Spear Jr.

  14. Michelle says:

    I went in to the members area after purchase and I don’t see the lay out at all
    where would I go for this? Its really strange all there is aside the upsells is the webinars Let me know cause it is weird. I plan on contacting support as well
    got your book too great contact

    • Ivor Amore says:

      Hi Michelle,
      What Browser are you using?
      I was using Google, but I had problems and was advised to use Mozelle Fire fox Latest version 18
      Try this and post your results to this site .

  15. Cool story bro!

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