Real Quick App Review

Hey guys, Josh Monroe here and today I will be posting my highly anticipated Real Quick App Review.

Real Quick App Review

Real Quick App is set to launch on Tuesday May 21st on Digital River/ClickSure at 9am EST.

At $49 the software or “app” is set to show users how to legitimately drive targeted traffic to their affiliate offers or sites.

**UPDATE – May 21st** – Here is my Real Quick App Review:


What is Real Quick App - 

This course focuses on using FaceBook to drive traffic. You learn how to create a really sweet FB fanpage using the online web based app – and simply copy and paste over the code onto your FB page to get a high converting app populated by  Amazon, eBay & ClickBank products.

The course comes with 7 templates to choose from in niches like make money, lose weight etc and it also includes some generic pages too.

You can use your page to build an email list, promote products and build a following – all is done in no more than 15 minutes thanks to the 15 minute formula.

To compliment the app, we also get some beginner and advanced training that shows us how to set-up these so called “money pages”.

I was impressed by the course, and I can see value for money. Will you make the thousands of dollars shown in the sales video? Probably not, but it’s a great method to get you earning an extra hundred bucks a day.

For beginners I can see you having success and even  making your first commissions with this course IF you put in the time required and follow the training.

I’d say this would take no more than 30 minutes per day to implement successfully.

As for up-sells, I didn’t bother with them personally as I believe everything you need is included for $47 – however you can purchase the upsells at ANY time from the members area.

Conclusion – Whilst it may not make you rich, it’s a SOLID method for making some extra income. I was impressed by the ease of use, the training and how good the “money pages” look. Since their is some room for customisation you needn’t worry about saturation.

Recommended, 4.4/5 – Perfect for beginners




  1. Michelle says:

    Nice thanks Josh

  2. Michelle says:

    what are the upsells or will you go over that tomorrow

    • Josh says:

      I didn’t bother with them as I stated in my review – You can purchase then whenever you want from the members area, so there is no need to really cover what they are/cost.

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