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So there’s a new kid on the block that goes by the name Adrian Morrison (not to be confused with Anthony Morrison) who has been killing the affiliate game. Now you may not have heard of Adrian before, that’s fine. Social Commissions is his first ever product, BUT Adrian has been seen on multiple JV leader boards, TV interviews and he even runs his own lectures. Now he is here ti finally show how he has been killing the internet, and how he’s been banking insane figures. This method has made him over $120,000 ALREADY and now you too can replicate this success. SO let’s get into my Social Commissions Review!

Social Commissions Review - members area

So what exactly is Social Commissions? Well it comes in two modules. The first shows you the exact method Adrian has been using to make serious bank online, and that’s using the website Plenty of Fish which is like Facebook meets Google AdWords. It’s an affiliates dream, they even allow you to direct link – something Google have stopped. It’s also insanely cheap, and I mean CHEAP. 1,000 impressions for 10cents cheap!

The second module shows how you can cash in on the social media craze and shows step by step training on how to utilize nearly all the social networks to name a few – LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook + tons more!

Inside the main training, you even get a done for you campaign which shows you a very profitable offer. Now I recommend if you wish to test this offer out, do it and do it FAST – remember everyone else who purchases the course will be using the same offer so you will be competition against each other. I recommend either doing your own research here to find yourself a profitable offer, or you can purchase on of the up-sells which are ready done for you campaigns which I will talk about in more detail in my upsells section below.

Now, I would class this trainings as PPC or Pay-per-Click. If you are new to this, it may seem a little daunting, but don’t worry. Everything you need to know is shown inside the training from writing ad copy, to how to select and target a specific niche.

Social Commissions Upsells – How many are there and how much do they cost?

There are three up-sells within Social Commissions. As always upsells are not required to make the product work, they are there to enhance your experience and/or income possibilities. I stand by this product 100% therefore I purchased all three upsells so I could provide you an insight on what exactly they do -

  1. The Software Suite – This is a piece of software which allows you to upload ads to the Plenty of Fish servers easily, and even comes with the option to hire an outsource or virtual assistant for one month free of charge. Basically it allows you to pay someone to run your campaigns for you. I would only really recommend this to people who already know what they are doing when it comes to PPC marketing.
  2. Done for you campaigns – This speaks for itself. You get ready made campaigns which have been tested by Adrian himself and are proven to convert. Each campaign comes with three video tutorials. I have tested one of these campaigns, and yes it has made me money which is awesome!
  3. The last up-sell is the Social outsourcing module which shows you exactly how to hire outsources to do the work for you. Everything you could ever think of has been covered here and this compliments up-sell one. This is more for the newbies, so if you want to learn how to outsource, get this upsell. If you have experience/already know how check out upsell 1.

Remember, the up-sells are not required to make the training work.

Social Commissions Review – Round-up (Pro’s & Con’s)

Pros – It’s extremely easy to master this, and the income you make is super fast. Literally you can set up a campaign and make money in as little as thirty minutes. Once you find a campaign that converts, simple keep testing and running. The amount of commissions you can make with this is endless.

Cons – Obviously you will need money to spend on advertising. You will need at least $25 to add to your account for the first time. But remember, you can get 1,000 impressions for as little as 10 cents. I recommend you use $5 per campaign for testing purposes, so you can get 5 campaigns on the go for $25 but once you find a converting offer you will earn your investment multiple times over. (the free ready done campaign which all members get access to pays out over $30, so just one sale will return your investment)

Verdict? – Recommended – Plenty of Fish is the new Google AdWords. If you don’t take action you will miss out (just like with AdWords) it’s also way cheaper than using FaceBook Ads and the conversions are way better!

I stand by this offer 100%!

>> Click here to purchase Social Commissions <<

Looking for a Bonus?

Since I stand by this offer 100% I will be bringing back my popular ‘win an iPad 3′ bonus. To enter simply purchase using the link on this page. All people are then entered into a random lottery where the winner is chosen at random. You will then either receive an iPad 3 or the cash alternative. Also everyone who purchased will ALL receive the bonuses below :

  • Bonus 1 – My Mega Bonus Package find out more here
  • Tube Destroyer – my own product which shows how to cash in on you Tube everything from making money to getting views!
  • Amazon Crusher/blueprint – How to make a killing using Amazon [HOT!]
  • How to CASH IN USING YAHOO ANSWERS!?! [HOT, More traffic than Google!]

Plus UN-announced bonuses including WordPress plugins, affiliate graphic creators plus more!

To claim simply purchase using the link below then forward me your receipt number to admin[@] or use the CONTACT page

>> Click here to purchase Social Commissions <<


  1. Glen says:

    Can you tell us the cost of each upsell and which ones you think are worth buying for a beginner.

    • Josh says:

      Hey Glen, if your a newbie I recommend you get the done for you campaigns, as this will kick start your income and net you some fast commissions.

  2. Dolores says:

    Do you need hosting?

  3. James breakiron says:

    Josh I heard that make u sign up with hostzilla is that true. And if I toolk all of the upgrades what would the total cost be I’m seriously considering doing this under u have u broke the 100 dollar mark yet in profits

    • Josh says:

      Hi James, you don’t need to purchase any hosting as you don’t even need a website for this. Plenty of Fish allow you to use your affiliate link as the website (direct linking) so you can use your clicbank link, amazon link, clicksure etc. I have mad over $100 yes, I won’t say exactly how much as I don’t want people to think they can replicate my success exactly but i’ve made back the initial investment plus up-sells around twice so a nice return. I can’t remember the cost of all the up-sells of my head so I’m unsure of the full cost, but you will see the prices if you chose to purchase. Hope this helped.

  4. James breakiron says:

    This is going to make u laugh here is how much of a newbie I am what is an affiliate link and where do I get one do I get one when I buy the package and where do I find it then thanks josh

  5. James breakiron says:

    I think I understand it’s the link every compmany gives you with your own id so you can get credit for sales

    • Josh says:

      yes that’s right. most ad networks dont allow you to use affiliate links thats why its so cool that you can on plenty of fish (it makes it easier to make commissions this way)

  6. Ken says:

    Hey Josh!

    First of all i want to say that plenty of information you give in your reviews are very helpful. Now that said i’m very sceptical to Social Commisions. The reason being that, is in the sales video he just mentions Plenty Of Fish to be the traffic source, and that you just need 5 bucks and so forth… But in reality it does have very much to do with setting up a website (wordpress) driving traffic, buying hosting and domains, the old stuff! Someone even posted a video on youtube, that confirms what i’m saying is true, it’s taken directly from the course. So my question, is there any modules in the course that completely shows you how to advertise on Plenty Of Fish or not? And probably many people have bought this course because of the sales video, but if 10000 people are going to do heavy advertising, would it not be over saturated? Anyway keep up the good work :-)

    • Josh says:

      Hey Ken, you DO NOT NEED any hosting at all. Everything is done via the POF advertising area. You can use ANY affiliate link you wish to send the traffic to. The minimum you must deposit into your account is $25. And the minimum spend seems to have risen to $15 per campaign in stead of $5 like stated inside the members area, but I’m still looking into the $5 campaigns to see if it can be done. You can’t really saturate this or else Google AdWords and Bing would be out of business as its the same thing (PPC) but just using a different network in this case it’s Plenty of Fish.

  7. james breakiron says:

    josh you are correct it seems like you dont need hosting but in order to get there predone websites they try to upsell you more on hostzilla google and domain names or you cant get to there already done ads correct or not josh if you have a smarter way i will cancell and sign under you with my bro in laws name

  8. Adam says:

    Josh, If you are unable to contact me This was one of my questions: I think it sounds like there are several with them same concern. After reading your review I decided that the done for you domain was worth the price, I spent $97 on that and $49 on the membership. Similar James’s comment above it does not let me access any of the 5 “made for you websites without spending a pretty high rate for a domain through hostzilla. I just really want to know if its going to ask me a bunch more times for me to pay $ before I can start seeing some results plugging into the POF advertisements? What are your thoughts? ( I am going through the POF ad videos right now)


    • Josh says:

      Sorry, I can’t really personally contact you, as many people have requested this and I simply don’t have the time to call every person. Now I will try and explain this again, in the clearest possible way. You do NOT need to purchase ANY websites, domains or hosting. The offer you see inside the members area is a standard up-sell which is offered in nearly all products these days. Stay away from it. I was referring to the Done for you copy and paste campaigns which is a simple up-sell that you can purchase when you are going through the buying process. This up-sell simply gives you pre-done campaigns which you can copy. No websites, domains or Hosting. I hope this is clearer than before, and this applies to everyone asking me the same question.

  9. Adam says:

    Thank you Josh for your help! How long did it take you once you started posting to start seeing profit?

  10. Adam says:

    Thanks for answering that for me. I have a few more questions.
    1. Which affiliate network do you use? and do you need to be a member on several? (I don’t care to give my social out to so many places)

    2. on, do you use CPA or PPC setting I don’t know if I understand the which ones better?

    3. with the done for you campaign are you able to access the behind the rack ad. I am wanting to advertise that but am not sure if I need to have a globalizer account set up or what?

  11. James breakiron says:

    Adam I don’t know if josh quite understands are problem I still can’t get passed them trying to upsell me more stuff to get to my 5 proven ads I paid for Adam did u figure this out

  12. Adam says:

    James, I think Josh has been a tremendous help, I know he is probably busy so we can wait for him. As far as the up-sells don’t worry about them. I would say Ignore all the things that are labeled MUST HAVE TODAY or whatever. The only upgrade i got was the done for you campaigns and thats because Josh recommended it for a newbie which I am. It has been pretty training and I have ignored all the different websites or hosting pitches because like Josh said, you don’t have to have any of that you just post your affiliate link. I am learning things as fast as I can but I have not had many ads posted to start profiting due to my lack of understanding some of the affiliate networks such as click bank. I know how to use it and find the url but I have a few questions on some details so…

  13. maliha says:

    hey there nice reviews but have a question is did u purchased it and is it benefiting u i mean did u earn something from it yet?

  14. James breakiron says:

    Adam keep me in touch with how you are doing I will appreciate ate it myself am a complete newbie and think I am going to ask for my money back I am In a couple other programs that are doing great for me and are much better suited for my level of expertise the way he made it sound in the original video Any one could do it and he explicitly said no upsells that was a flat out lie but please let me know how u are doing

  15. Do you still get paid if i live in the uk?

    • Josh says:

      Hey Gareth, yes it works pretty much anywhere in the world, I know For a fact it works in the U.K. As a lot of people have purchased from there and they are seeing fantastic results.

  16. Adam says:

    1. Which affiliate network do you use? and do you need to be a member on several? (I don’t care to give my social out to so many places)
    2. on, do you use CPA or PPC setting, which ones better?
    3. with the done for you campaign are you able to access the behind the rack ad. I am wanting to advertise that but am not sure if I need to have a globalizer account set up or what?

  17. jimmy says:

    Josh, i am from the uk. i have set a five campaigns and i have uses clickbank links. i have got a total of 900,000 impressions on all five products and 56 click. my campagns have been running since thurs 26th and i haven’t made any sale. i have picked good niches as well. Can you help/advice

    • Josh says:

      What do you mean by ‘good niches?’ I hope you don’t mean the make money niche as this will NOT convert well if at all on pLenty of Fish. Let me know what your using and get back to me. Also you might want to try CPA, Im getting amazing results using email submits they pay around $1.40 per lead BUT they don’t need to purchase anything, only enter their email so it’s working well.

  18. jimmy says:

    I went for niches i felt would appeal to POF users, niches like animal, shed plan, getting a better eye sight etc all under $30. These obviously haven’t converted. I am currently researching CPA but i havent got a website/blogg. i am finding it hard to get approval. Can you recommend a CPA which approves without owning a website/blog or is there no order way around this but to create a website?

    • Josh says:

      PeerFly are what I use and for the website you can put anything such as your facebook profile url if you don’t have a website, or just make a free blogger blog and use that. CPA is really the way to go with POF you want to use email submits as you will get paid each time a user inputs their emails (around $1.40). Honestly though I don’t think shed plans and animals etc is a good choice for POF think about the user-base.

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