Sonic List Builder Review

Sonic List Builder Review – The Money’s in the List?

So, i’m sure you’ve all heard the term the money’s in the list, right? Well that’s exactly true. I was given access to Sonic List Builder prior to it’s launch on March 12th, to test it out, and see if it really performs like it says. Continue reading for my Sonic List Builder Review

Sonic List Builder Review

What is Sonic List Builder?

Sonic List Builder is a course and hosting email list builder. It shows you how to quickly, and effectively build a profitable list. It wasn’t until recently when I implemented list building into my actual business that I realized it’s power. Now, a lot of you already know that I actually own a real business outside of internet marketing, this is where I implemented the Sonic List Builder techniques. In a week, I managed to turn my existing buyers into email subscribers, as well as capturing some visitors from my site. I then ran a small email promotion, to test out list building. I sent it to just over 400 of my buyers, and a couple hundred visitors and the results were SHOCKING!

It took me just over 10 minutes to right a good email, then I scheduled it to send. I woke up the next day to over $1,370 in my merchant account. Bearing in mind that I usually take in just over $200 per day, so that’s a HUGE increase.

Sonic List Builder – Results in 72 hours?

Inside the members area, it states you will see results in 72 hours (or less). Included in the $47 price tag, they host your email campaigns/squeeze pages and provide you with 6 members only coaching sessions showing you exactly what you need to do, to build your list.

There are also two up-sells offered, both at $197 however at the time of writing this review, the up-sells are still unannounced.

Whats Included?

Included within the members area, you get 90 high converting, done for you squeeze pages and sales funnels. These are all hosted on separate private domains, meaning hosting and domain names are free and included in the $47 price. Also included is the actual “sonic” technology which builds the lists for you. It automatically fetches content, creates backlinks and drives traffic to your squeeze pages, meaning you simply watch the number of subscribers on your list increase!

Training is also provided, over 6 hours in total. There is also a nice section which teaches you how to “sell” mailings from your list to other affiliates and gurus – meaning you will ALWAYS make money!

Do I recommend Sonic List Builder?

Yes. Simply because I was blind to email marketing, and I think everyone should notice the potential and purchase at least one list building based course. if you are looking to build a email list, then this is for you. If you are already successfully building profitable lists, then I would say give it a miss. But if you are new to list building, or trying to get more successful this is a MUST buy.

Please note, the Sonic List Builder system only works with the autoresponder GetResponse, however a free 30 day trial is included with your membership.

Sonic List Builder Bonus

If you can see the image above, it means that my early bird special bonus offer is still active! So get sending those receipt numbers via the Contact page!

  • We are also giving away an EXCLUSIVE code to get your first month at Aweber (email marketing client) for only $1!

Bonus -> Sonic List Builder bonus <-

Click the link above to see my EXCLUSIVE bonus package. I will also be throwing in some extras to help out with List Building. Extra bonuses include a report showing how to get an extra 10,000 subscribers, and another report showing how to build a targetted list of >Infinite< amount of new subscribers for just 0.03 cents! You don’t want to miss these bonuses!

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  1. Carmel says:

    “sonic” technology which builds the lists for you. It automatically fetches content, creates backlinks and drives traffic to your squeeze pages, meaning you simply watch the number of subscribers on your list increase! — >

    is the sonic technology – automatic fetch content, creates backlink to drive traffic is inlcuded in the basic $47?

  2. robert says:

    hey josh, i just clicked the link in this site and bought the product. but i can’t find your affiliate in the order/receipt. i was hoping to get the bonus, cause it sound interesting.

  3. jerry jobe says:

    Josh , this really is a sham. support won’t answer questions and how do they get the subscribers. one day I got 14 subscribers, great, except all had the first name Chantel, c”mon, how can that be? that’s one questions I want answered. List is over four hundred. Had 4 mailings not one opened email, go figure? Quit steering your readers in the wrong direction just for a buck. Bet this won’t get published Jerry Jobe

    • Josh says:

      Jerry, my review is basically my experience with said product. My experience with this was positive, like many other peoples. It built me a list, I built a relationship, I did ad-swaps, I did solo ads, I promoted products and CPA end result? I made money. Notice how I said ‘I’? I can only speak for myself. I don’t force people to read my review OR to purchase products, you need to make up your own decision. All I know is that I made a lot more money back in commissions, than I paid for the product. They provide you with opt-ins (which they have) so their part of the deal is done, this is also covered in their terms. A list of over 400 hundred and not a single open seems VERY strange, and Im sure thats not the case.

  4. jerry jobe says:

    thanks for the reply, caught me by surprise. That really is the case. Also, can’t get them to asnwer or explain about the 14 people with the same name, however they were from different cities. Have sent 3 questions in regards to the names and just exactly how they are accquired but have had no reply. Now I can’t even follow up anymore because you are allowed only 3 open support tickets and since they have not answered any non are closed so no more room “at the inn” for me. In theory it is great, list gets bigger every day but I have even sent out singles emails on a very select basis and some have been returned, no such address. A lot of red flags and just wanted to express my opinions. thanks for giving me that avenue. Jerry Jobe

  5. jerry jobe says:

    thanks for the comments, I want you to know I do have your column bookmarked, do enjoy reading it

    • Josh says:

      No problem. I’m not here to try and scam people. I review products to the best of my ability and share results all whilst trying to stay as neutral as possible.

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