Twin Peak Profits Review

So, 2013 is here and this is the first review of the year! One of the most anticipated launches of the year, below is my Twin Peak Profits Review.

So, as always I purchased my self a copy of the course and I’m actually happy that this will be the first product I purchase this year. I know you will love this, as I was literally amazed by the content inside the members area plus the software – and if you’ve been following me for any length of time now you will know I HATE push button website generators..But this one is different..

Below is my FULL Twin Peak Profits Review – I show you inside the members area, show you what training is included and give you a brief demo of the software. Make sure to watch in to the end, as most questions will be answered in the video. Also, watch it in HD and fullscreen where appropriate for the best results.

Now, I said above I generally hate push button website builders but here’s why I actually like this one. As shown in the demo above, you don’t have to use the articles the software generates for you, you can use your own. Now, you don’t necessarily NEED to use your own content, but that’s what will give you the edge over your competitors. If for whatever reason you don’t want to write your own articles, you can easily outsource them on places like iWrites and FreeLance.

Don’t forget that the software does come with a built in re-writer and that you can edit the re-written articles yourself after. That’s why I like Twin Peak Profits.

What else is included?

Now that I have covered the software in some detail I will now touch on what else is included for the $47 investment.

You get some top notch training videos inside the members area, that in my opinion could be sold WITHOUT the software for $47. I think the training alone is worth the purchase, but that’s just my opinion.

The training itself is split into three modules, and each modules contains there own set of video training which starts of with a brief explanation of what you will be learning in slideshow format, then it switches to a live screen capture demoing what you need to do which I found very easy to follow and easy to learn. For more on this refer to the video above.

Are there any up-sells?

There are a few up-sells included with this, but believe me when I say they are NOT required to make it work. I only purchased one up-sell personally but I am MORE than happy with my purchase. The up-sells are below

  • Traffic Magnets Software – This is the ONLY up-sell I purchased. At $297 it’s pretty steep BUT for what I need in my businesses its worth the purchase. It’s basically a all-in-one application that does everything building backlinks, social bookmarking, creating RSS feeds, video submission, PDF submission and more. This will compliment your initial purchase really well, as you can use it to build a range of different quality backlinks to your new built affiliate sites to make them rank better than the competition, and more importantly make you more money.

Now I can’t comment on the below up-sells as I did not purchase them however here is what they are and how much they cost -

  • Tube Traffic Blaster – $197
  • Done for you Money Making Amazon Campaigns – $145
  • Viral Cash Machines – $175

Twin Peak Profits Review – The Verdict

So, is this for YOU? I don’t know, that’s a question you need to ask your self. But here’s my informed opinion. You’ve seen the ‘rest’ and I’m sure you’ve tried them and probably failed. You’ve seen the ‘blueprints’, you’ve watched the videos…But this does it ALL for you. Twin Peak Profits is perfect for those who don’t want to spend hours creating sites and getting content. If this is you then you NEED to get access straight away. Don’t forget, you will be hosting the sites on WordPress so you get full control and customisation to make your site unique. You can pretty much have it do whatever you want PLUS your getting some of the best training I’ve seen.

The only thing left for you to do is hit the big ‘buy now button’ below and get started. I bet you five bucks you can get your first site set-up in 15 minutes or less ;)


  1. Michelle says:

    Hey Josh Happy New Year I was really looking forward to this review of Twin Peak Profits!
    I am new to the world of online marketing but am pretty impressed by this software. What I want to know is once the software finishes installing and you choose everything for your site, does it go live?
    Also how do you even get traffic? Is it possible without buying the upsells right a way.
    Let me know cause so far I am real impressed with the fact they give you the option to buy the upsells in your dash board! As opposed to a Now or Never type thing. Me personally I like bookmarking them and reopening the program to buy it later and just go into the basic training.
    Please let me know what you think is this a great software for Newbies?

  2. golem says:

    Another question,
    You didnt gave how much u earn and what step u follow no detail about what u do after u bought it or u get it free? give us some detail about your experience to TPP

    • Josh says:

      The product only went live yesterday, and I got my copy in the early hours of the morning so I haven’t earned anything yet, I’ve simply been testing to software for review purposes.

      In regards to how much I’ve earnt, I dont disclose it any more. The first reason is because I can get in trouble and the second reason is if I say I’ve earnt $10,000 with a product, people,who purchase on that basis may not make anywhere near that, so it’s best to keep it private. Another reason is because its quite rude to ask people how much they make right?

  3. Faruk says:

    Hi Josh
    Happy new year to you

    Do we have to go with their web hosting company or can I use my own?

    • Josh says:

      Happy new year man!
      You can use any hosting, so if you already have hosting you just enter your hosting info into the site builder and it will add the site onto your domain and hosting for you.

  4. Aaron webb says:

    Hey Josh, great review as always brother. Aaron Webb here….This is just a reminder don’t forget to send me your private training and other marketing strategies for Empower Network which I joined under you the other day.

  5. Anthony L says:

    Josh this is a great review.
    I purchased the system yesterday and I can’t believe how neat and organized it is, it’s not ALL OVER the place like other programs.

    • Michelle says:

      Do you guys think this is a good program for Newbies? I need a program that is easy to work with and that I can profit from Also can you please answer my questions about when it finishes setting up how do you know when the site goes live? Is it possible to add more than one site to drive traffic to?

      Let me know Guys I would really Appreciate it And have a Happy New Year!

      • Josh says:

        This is the perfect program for beginners/newbies. When the software has finished setting up your page, the site is live it then gives you all the log-in information so you can makes changes if you wish and so forth. You can use the software to build as many sites as you like, for example if you wanted to make 100 sites with it you could.

        • Anthony L says:

          Are you still looking for more people to join your E.N. team? I am still interested if you think it’s worth it?

        • Michelle says:

          That is seriously amazing and as far as the upsells I saw you have the option to buy later right? Because they are on the side panels. This seriously seems like a perfect program for me! I will buy through your link Josh also
          Just curious Are there any downsells when you click away from each upsell page?
          Do you know anything about the JV Program they are running? I keep getting emails on that. Do you know how it works I am guessing the more your refer the more you go up in their competition! Let me know and thanks>
          PS any bonuses when I buy via your link ;)
          Happy New Year .. Hoping for a New Year of Profits!

  6. Tyrone Brewer says:

    I purchased this system with the Amazon Money Making Campaigns, went to proceed to the next page and the page wasn’t found so what can I do?

    • Josh says:

      Hey Tyrone, just shoot an email to support at twinpeakprofits dot com and they will sort everything out for you. Also check your inbox/junk as they send a login email there.

  7. Allen says:

    I thought that the presentation was very good… and I am very interested.

    My question is… did the people that you ran the test with have the basic program… or did they have the advantage of all the up-sells.

    The impression that I got was that once the website was built, and live on The Internet that there was traffic immediately available to it. How else could those people have made money during the first week, let alone during a short ride in a limo.

    • Josh says:

      Hey Allen, look Im gonna be completely honest with you. Like I say to all my readers/subscribers – Stop watching the sales videos. They are designed to make you buy. With that being said, you are not going to be able to buy this and make money in 15 minutes, thats the TRUTH. Will this make you money? Absolutely, just dont expect to make it in 15 minutes. The review video shows you exactly whats included, base your decision of that. Maybe with some of the up-sells if your lucky you could make make money that fast but like I say, don’t base your decision to purchase of the fact the sales video shows them making money in 15 minutes or less. With that being said, I think this is a great course and the basic product is enough to make it work, the up-sells are just aids to speed up the process. This advice is for every product out there, not just this one.

      • Allen says:

        Thank You Josh:

        Your response is the most honest statement that I have ever heard on The Internet as far as any traffic getting software is concerned.

        Because you were that honest… I’m going to buy the basic product.

        I’ll let you know how I do.


  8. Steve says:

    In the video review you recommended purchasing the basic program and the Traffic Magnet up-sell. I received a video today about Youtube video promotion from you. Are you now recommending purchasing the Youtube module (up-sell) as well as the Traffic magnet?

    • Josh says:

      You dont need to purchase anything Steve, the basic product will do. Depending on how you want to market/make money using the Twin Peak Software depends on which up-sell (if any) you get. The video I sent you today was basically the manual way of doing things, the YouTube upsell does this for you as well as allows you to contact video owners to place your advert/affiliate link in the description. Traffic Magnets I have explained in the review above. These are just my recommendations.

  9. Eric says:

    Hey Josh! I just watched the video where they picked up people in a limo. Is the video accurate? Is it possible to make money as quick as they show on the video?

  10. John says:

    Hey Josh! Great review as always. I have a question about the articles that the software retrieves and rewrites. Will that be enough for the site to rank well? And what about duplicate content? Does this software do a good enough jog rewriting the articles to keep google from slamming you?

    • Josh says:

      Hey John, the software fetches articles and re-writes them quite well, there will obviously be some grammatically errors but you get the chance to edit the article and make your own changes if you wish. This also gives me the idea that you could use the software to fetch related articles to post on your site, then link them with each other creating a link wheel which will in essence create your own private blog network which you can then use to rank other sites by passing on linkjuice and creating additional backlinks in the process.

  11. John says:

    Hey Josh, I have one more question. Does this create backlinks initially? I’m assuming you don’t have to spend additional income on backlinks with a service like Unique Article Wizard. I recently purchased a product which I was told would not have any additional costs other than the domain and hosting, not true. Just want to make sure before I purchase, thanks.

  12. Ivor Amore says:

    I have read Questions and your reply to all these questions.
    Since I have limited knowledge on internet marketing
    my Questions: Do thety have support in case you get stuck along the way?

    Where does all the so called earnings go?Do you have to open an account of some sort (where)and link this some how to the program?

    I intend getting the basic prorgrem but am tempted to get Traffic Magnet , but need to loolk at finances, I might have to borrow the money for this.
    Thank you for your very honest review

    Ivor Amore

    • Josh says:

      They do have a support team who will help you if you get stuck via email. Your earnings go into your affiliate account, which then get paid to you directly via check or direct deposit to your bank. Some networks will also pay via paypal.

  13. BJ says:

    Hey Josh,
    I just finished reading your review about Twin Peak Profits and I look forward to buy it (of course from your link).
    Before that I need to clarify that after purchasing this system for $47 do I required to buy any other items like domain, hosting, traffic – back linking etc. in order to get started or this system ($47) is enough to get started.
    Your reply will be very much appreciated.

    • Josh says:

      BJ – you will need a domain and hosting to use the software, $4.99 per domain name and around the same per month for hosting

  14. Amy says:

    I purchased the program but I am a bit confused. It tells you that you pay the $49.00 and get five free websites with no additional costs but as soon as you pay you are asked to pay over $200 for the web hosting and the way it looks to me is that you can’t do anything without the websites. I currently have a website and Smart Puppy is the host, am I able to use my website through the same web host that I have so I don’t need to spend any more money?

    • Josh says:

      Yes, you can use your existing website and domain, thats what i did for the review. Watch the training videos and they show you how to get set-up.

  15. Chris says:

    Hi Josh, does the twin peak profits create good looking websites, will I need to get backlinks to the websites. Would I need to buy an upsell to get a lot of website traffic to my websites that I create with this twin profits?

    • Josh says:

      Watch my review video to see what the sites look like. You have full control over the customisation since it’s wordpress, so you can change the themes, add plugins and so on. EVERY site needs backlinks for it to rank on Google.

  16. Hugo Duf says:

    Hello Josh
    Thank you for this nice review. I want to know if traffic Magnet Work in MAC OS? Do we need to use Paralell. I saw in your review that you was using a MAC, I am to.

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