Work From No Home Review

So, here is my highly anticipated Work From No Home Review  -  I know you have been waiting patiently for this and it’s finally here, and I must say that I am very impressed. Created by two super afiliates – Peng Joon and  John Chow they know exactly what works when it comes to affiliate marketing and share there top secret methods within the course.

The members area itself is structured very well, and was very easy to navigate through the different modules. Take a look at my full review and members area tour below – (watch in HD and fullscreen for best results)

As you can see from the above video, there are 9 different modules as well as a 30 day action plan to get you started. I really liked the action plan, as it tells you what you should be doing, and when – giving you an exact blueprint to follow instead of just training like most courses.

Also worth pointing out are the SEO modules. Obviously the course is about creating affiliate based sites, six within the 30 days to be exact. You basically drive traffic to your affiliate site, ‘warm’ the buyer up then send them to the sales page where you collect a commission.

Now, most courses are out-dated in the SEO department, as recently Google has released several search engine updates (notably Panda and Penguin) which make most previous training no longer work. I am pleased to say the SEO training and back linking modules are tailored in a way which conforms with the new updates, and pretty much ranks your sites relatively easy without much pain.

As stated above, the aim is to get you six sites created within 30 days. The sites are easy to set-up and will start making you money relatively fast. Obviously some will take longer depending on competition levels, but in my opinion this course is the best out there and will send you in the right direction.

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Conclusion –  I highly recommend Work From No Home to anybody looking to get started and making money online, relatively easy without much hassle. The training is top-notch and superior to almost all products out there and the SEO modules are worth the purchase alone.

The Good – Gives users an all around knowledge of how to get started, and how to actually start earning online in  a very well laid out, easy to understand manor.

The Not So Good - Could have maybe including a few more training videos? But other than that it’s solid.

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  1. Aaron webb says:

    Good Morning, will you do a review on Fast Lane Commissions? It looks a lot like Commissions Shops but I’m tempted to try it out.

  2. Lizo says:

    Hi Josh, PLEASE reply this time.
    You replying to everyone except me.

    I just purchased this system as well as the upsell( Work From No Home *Shortcut To Success System) my payment was approved but I don’t see this extra product I bought with the system…

    Please advise me on where exactly I can find this upsell. Also I purchased this product via your link and I sent you the reciept.. so please reply as soon as you can


    • Josh says:

      So your saying you don’t have access to the product? You need to contact support, explain what happened and they will sort it out for you.

  3. Lizo says:

    Thanks for repying Josh..

    Did you receive my receipt?

    • Josh says:

      I have an assistant who is in charge of replying/sending out bonus emails, so you should have received it by now. If not, hold tight i manually check myself over the weekend, so if you don’t currently have it, I will be sending it at some point this weekend.

  4. Lizo says:


    I’ll be looking forward to it.

    Btw, I’d appreciate it if you could recommend a site where I could get a domain name, hosting account and a website hopefully for free that will make me money?
    If there isn’t a free domain name, hosting account and a website that can make you money, could you please recommend a site that has a cheap domain name, hosting account and a website?


  5. Jaime says:

    Hi Josh, Have you use this Work From No Home program yet? How did you go? You see I been looking for online affiliate marketing business for almost 2 years and nothing seems to work for me. Honestly, I could tell you I have tried almost everything on the net and have not made any money yet. So Im now become very skeptical.

    • Josh says:

      Yup I tried it all right. I actually built two sites using the model. It’s the best model out there (and its cheap). The goal is to have you create, and rank 6 sites in a month, which will make you a profit. Now believe me when I say this is more than do-able. Since I’ve been around for a while, I know a lot of methods, including my own but I still picked up a few tips from Work From No Home. I totally recommend it, and the two sites I talked about have both made me money since (around $680 combined, now thats what I call a result!).

  6. Jaime says:

    Thanks for your prompt reply Josh, really helps. However, with the two sites you created was it easy to set up? (especially for a no IT savvy like me). Also I am just bought Work from No Home program and now in between with listening to Peng Joon regarding the upsell (for addition $97 ). Once again not quite sure what he mean? I get the strategies for Outsource or resource to autopilot this? Please help?

  7. Nicole says:

    Hi Josh!
    Is this the same product as Peng Joon’s Membership sites Blueprint? If not, have you tried it and which one do you prefer?

    • Josh says:

      Hey Nicole – they are two different products. Work From no home focuses on building affilaite sites, whereas the membership blueprint is all about building membership sites (very hard in my opinion). I’ve tried both and prefer Work From No Home – for many the membership blueprint will be far too hard, and take too long to set-up etc.

  8. bob says:

    is the upsell with this product worth getting, I don’t have a problem doing that, but sometimes you mention upsells are’nt needed,. thanks,.

  9. Nicole says:

    Hey again Josh,
    I see that your top recommendations are this program and Bring on the Fresh. Which one is more newbie friendly?

  10. Abu says:

    Thank you Josh for your reviews. My biggest problem is that I buy products and then work with for a while then give up. Anyway I am buying this product through your link. Keep up with your honest reviews.

  11. imad says:

    HI Josh
    I purchased the “work from no home ” from your link
    How can I receive my bonus ??
    Thinks again for your great and honest reviews

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